Sunday, January 26, 2014

Go fish!

Original doodle art- created using Photoshop....Playing
By Yours Truly-(grinning) 
The fish wanted to be born. I played in photoshop and returned to the fish. I have been playing with the symbol of the fish for ages.
I let the spirit move me…and I played. Then I played with the smudge tool – and viola you have- what you see.
I sat looking and then wondered what the fish might mean. So I picked up my trusting “Medicine Cards” book…and went looking for a fish.

The salmon.
“Keeper of inner knowing,
Illuminate all that I can see,
Fill me with love of learning,
Life’s sacred wisdom offered to me.”

In summary, the salmon teaches us to go back to our beginnings. To finish what we started. The lesson is about honoring every experience as a lesson to learn from.

It might not be an easy swim. However, you can achieve what you KNOW is right.

 “Behave in a manner which honors your path.”

The fish is also a symbol that represents Christianity. It is a part of who I am. 

(laughing) I used to love fishing as a little girl. The best tasting fish was fresh fish- that we had caught.

One summer while vacationing at our Aunt’s beach house we fished with a huge net. The net was secured on either end on large wooden poles. We would walk out and pull in a great catch. It was an incredible feeling- to see what gifts the sea would provide. And those fish were so yummy!

I have no points. I am rambling like always…Just chilling with you. Thinking of honoring wisdom, and loving learning.

Tuesday- I start back -WELDING!!! Woohoooo!!! What box is my mask in?! Got to go find it-Love you!!

(smiling sigh) Thank you for taking the time to stop in…and read…

Love the way you support me! (hugging you tight)

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