Thursday, January 23, 2014


Original Art "Grace" by Judith Parsons
16" x 12 " x 14" 
The past four months I went back to college. It was my first semester and it was heaven!  I grew my wings and learned to fly above the clouds, in God’s pure light. 

I created “Grace.”

I have always loved the swan. When I learned to draw the shape of the number two-- I fell in love. It curves exquisitely and is a glorious shape.
As a young adult I learned about the “Medicine Cards” - animals which represent lessons and the swans lesson could not be more perfect.

The swan, according to Jamie Sams and David Carson symbolizes GRACE. The medicine card tells us to relax and stop resisting self-transformation. The ugly duckling becomes the Swan, following passion, entering sacred space-bringing eternal grace. (1988- Medicine Cards)

We all know Grace. How it looks upon someone. There is a quiet divine serene glow about them. They trust that everything is perfect. They are shining lights of positivity. They smile easily and often. Thats me...and I want you to have it too!

The swan rest inside the wings. They are separate, yet integral to one another. The wings are half hearts. The swan is peaking out from behind her wing. She is becoming.

Heaven is doing your passion, heaven is creating grace, heaven is studying something you so thoroughly love- that you loose all time.

I wish for you heaven. I want you to DO what you love to do. Soar in it- RUN toward it—run sooo fast that you take off and soar!

God knows LIFE is INCREDIBLE!!! Woohoooooo!!! Soaring beside you!! I love you!

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