Saturday, January 18, 2014

The robe!

Original metal knitted robe by Janice MacKenzie Fast-
5" x 3.5" x 2" 
The creative robe.

Bohemian artist, imaginative and inventive people who can not help themselves but create…birth art and are creatives. These sort of folks make me very happy. I love being around talented folks that spark me on.
Janice (waving) is such an artist, she created the woven metal robe you see in the photo. She was curious to see if she could use wire to knit the little robe. So she tried it.

It is magnificent magical art.

She says: “It was fun, I was playing. It was really nothing.”

You see, THAT is what makes an artist and artist. They don’t have a clue they are creating art. They are compelled and curious and before they know it they have wandered into the hardware store to purchase supplies so they can make something out of nothing.

ART being born. (grinning)

That is what I love about talented artist. Most have not a clue how talented they are. They are creative at the core. They can’t help themselves. It is what they do! Janice you have inspired me!

You spark me on! Woohoooo!

This past summer I wanted to weave with bamboo. I discovered much about the material- I learned when to harvest it- what tools to use (it is hard as nails to cut) and how much time would be needed to prepare the reeds.

I never did get around to weaving my robe. I gasped when Janice placed the container in my lap and I pulled the top off of her special art. Because SHE created what I had dreamed about creating.
Amazing how connected we are.
Amazing how someone can create something out of nothing-and it be an incredible catalyst to my art. I can’t wait to create….

Turn the music on, if only silently in your head. Hum your tunes and keep singing. Dance a little while you are humming. (grinning)
Wooohooooo!! Life is grand!

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