Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hope springs a kernel!

Original art created by Judith Parsons
It was something William Shatner said at the end of a television show I watch.

I burst out laughing. The dialogue that ends the show is always entertaining and thought provoking.  He went on to explain that farmers hope in the spring that the corn will grow. (grinning) The other actor corrected him and said:

“Hope springs eternal.” Then he thought about it- cocked his head a bit and then said- “Maybe you are right.”

Being in San Francisco I am blessed with eternal sun shine and glorious weather. It feels like spring here. I have not been bogged down with the cold crunching debilitating winter that most of you are experiencing. 
It is another world here. 
(Except for the depression of my friends who wanted their team to continue on to the Super bowl…all is well here in the land of the gold rush)

People rush here for a complete change. The city changes you, walking all over God’s creation to get around. Carrying your groceries REALLY makes one question his/her consumption. Being in good shape is how the city changes you.

You want to be smaller in size, because you are carrying your own weight –plus groceries all over town. A half gallon of milk weights A LOT! Especially walking up hill!!

I initially was going to write about coming to San Fran to be a reverent artist. I needed a complete break from my past to get to like myself on my own. And (gulping and sighing) I realize I like myself with OUT additives. I like myself more- free from wine. I need to reassess what wine does for me.

I have two of me now. One, the drinker who sleeps away her reality and hides from her “becoming”.  then  the other, she sits up late into the night creating cardboard sculpture designs for the future art she will create.

The second one is in the state of becoming. I like her A LOT. I like the “vigilant discipline” in her heart. I had to be ALONE- to decide what I liked about me—what I liked about the world. Sometimes it is easier to make a list of the things you don’t like. Hopefully, it is a shorter list.

And- ask Kathy(waving) – I love love love everything and everybody! She asked me ages ago-how many times I said “love” in a day. 

I love y’all…I do.

Keep singing!!! If  you don’t use it – you loose it… Singing helps heal the body- releasing the tension and the stress.- Find a song- go back to when you were a little innocent silly child- find that song.
I am a sun beam….and smile. And sing your heart out!!

Hope springs a kernel!

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