Thursday, January 10, 2019

fleur de lis rising

Art by Judith Parsons Art 2019
Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
By Judith Parsons Art 2019
The fish and the vesica piscis.

Geometry changed me! Thank you Mark Reynolds for forever changing me.

The vesica piscis found my soul and I became haunted by the shape.

The church bell chimes as I am typing this.

The universe is giving me the exclamation point on this blog. Confirming my art. Affirming that I am on the right path toward enlightenment.

Combing the fish which represents water, life and Jesus Christ is my personal Trinity.

The need to "lecture" left the room.

It is me owning the best me.

Me just doing me.

And teaching swimming. Hopefully when I relocate to New Orleans I can teach art as well.  THAT would be a nice dream come true!

A studio with little fish artist making art. (grinning)
Swimming Artist.
(chuckling) Maybe that should be the name of the art school?
Who would take classes?

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Natural Anita Boyle

Photograph by Anita Boyle 2019

Photograph by Anita Boyle 2019

Photograph by Anita Boyle 2019
Anita Boyle grabbed the camera
and ran out to capture nature.

She was captivated
By the lake, the light and the reflections.

She was hypnotized by the shimmering
colors. She kept taking photograph after

One thousand-ish photos later she loads them
into her computer and we go through them.

I will be using the blue, brown and green shimmering photo in some of my art.

I probably will adjust the saturation. I can hear her screaming from across the lake:"N-o-o-o-."

Just one love.

She claims she is a purest. She likes the whole idea of what you see through the lense is what the viewer also gets to see.

(smiling sigh) I am not so pure.

Great photos Love!

Keep clicking away!

It truly is "ALL about the light."

Monday, January 7, 2019

rain tears

Photographs and compositions  by Judith Parsons Art 2019. 

There was a movie, “Men in Black” where one of the main characters would cry and her crying would make it rain. She was so powerful that her tears caused the weather to change and the universe cried along with her.

Maybe we are all doing that now. Maybe we are all crying tears, tears of joy or pain. It does not matter which so much, as we are shedding the emotions that help wash away the past. Allowing more room mentally for living our best life.

Tears they do prepare for sacred transformation.

The signs of the tear drop have been appearing for the past four weeks. I found the tear drop in a ceramic piece of art, in a pair of glass ear rings and in a stone. The universe has been giving me signs, surrounding me for the signals that crying is upon us.

I am trying my best to fly high above the cloud layer, where the universe does not sheds Her tears. So as not to get my wings wet.

Sighing. Maybe it is time to get wet.

Time to let the rains clean the dust off my wings. Time to sit still in the branches of the tallest tree and rest.

As a child I remember watching the rain drops slide down the car window. There was always one drop that seemed to dance and move more than the others. It could be us, trying and vying for attention. Why do we dance and act the silly as children? Were we so desperate for attention?

I am no long desperate for the lime light. I dance for myself and the I dance to celebrate the achievements my baby sharks make in the pool.  My drop sits still upon the window not moving. Watching. 

Observing all the static actions, all the movement of messy dramas and I still still. Quiet.

It is cold and rainy here in San Francisco. It is unusual to have rain. I put on my flat cap, pulled my rain coat up around my neck and walked out the door. 

The rain, it sat upon my shoulder. The tiny drops like that hawk, sitting in the tree branches watching the girl cry in the movie. It is enough.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Holy Smiling Rocks

Photograph and composition created by Judith Parsons Art 2019

They began in August and September of 2017. Two stones upon the beach became one. One the head and one the body. Finding them was the third element of the beginning of this fabulous little tale.

As the two women just happened upon the separate rocks. And together they became one.

Deepak Chopra speaks about the wholeness of us all, and then the word “whole” became “holy”. There is a sacredness in all of us, a higher knowing, a witness to the self that whispers what we are to do.

I find the holiness of myself whilst my hands are busy. My daughter is also an artist and we walk into the onion field of art and pick up a medium and discuss it at length. There are so many layers to pull back and explore. She often says: “There is so much art to be made.”

I nod and giggle and agree. The rock in the image is doing the same thing, smiling out at you. Welcoming you into our world of creating and making and playing within the holiness of passionate play.

This stone found me a few days ago. I took the photograph, turned to look at something Anita had found and then turned back to pick up this smiling amazing rock and it hid. I kid you not, I searched and searched for it. And it decided it did not want to go home to be in Anita’s garden.

So, there you have it. The magic of “Holy Rocks”. I gathered lots more rocks, each one had to have a hole in it. I will paint them one day, and hang them upon a garden sculpture. Heck, even as I type this out- I can see many ideas bubbling up to the surface. Art wanting to be made.

That is all that it takes these days. A thought…that expands and take on its own life.

Anita and Margaret, two exquisite women in my life. Thank you for helping with the Trinity of Holy Rocks!  Keep smiling!!