Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Warriors Unite!!

Art created by Judith Parsons Art.
Castles on the beach, women hitting the bullseye.

Good morning my Dear Sweet Warrior Friends!!

Picture me with bow in hand, I am wearing my leather warrior woman art and we all have leather arm bands upon our forearm. We are going to learn about strength today and have fun shooting a bow and arrow.

If you have never done it you are in for a treat!! it is exhilarating to hit the target and even more exciting to hit in the yellow.  There is much to be said for upper body strength. Being an artist and slabbing clay, I have an advantage over most of you all. It has taken me 3 years to build up my arms and torso muscles, but anyone can take art classes. Anyone can have fun with mud/clay.

First, lets review some safety points. 
One, don’t shoot anyone.

 I know, I know, you came here with your partner and she is really competitive. And there are moments when you just want to inflict a wee bit of pain, because hells bells, your partner drives you insane. (Shaking my head) It is NOT a good idea, remember you sleep beside this person, there is no telling what she might do to you in the middle of your slumbering.

(Grinning) Okay. 
Thats it. Go find a place where you can take classes. Google it. 

Your fingertips may get really purple and sore. Mine did. There are cool little finger tip protectors one can wear...(It makes you really feel like a warrior.) Though, truth be told, Anita’s didn’t. God knows, is there anything that woman can not do perfectly?

Poking you with the tip of the arrow, go on you. Go be a warrior for me. You know, you really know how I love strong fierce people. 

Whistling and skipping out the door. I am back in the studio today sweet Loves!!

Life is a-a-a-a-amazing!

Oh Dear Sweet Karen Young, YOU are an incredible Warrior Woman!!! (hugging you tight)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Time and Silence -- Falling in Love!

The last night I was in Ireland, Anita and I sat out under the stars in the arms of silence. Silence becomes a cuddling cradling love in Ireland. Silence wraps her arms around me when I am hanging the clothes upon the clothes line. Silence kisses my cheek and stands behind me at the kitchen sink as I look out at the sheep and cow behind the house. Silence caresses my jaw line as I rest upon the garden bench after trimming the hedge.

I fell in love with Silence this summer.

I brought her back with me to San Francisco. In the middle of the night, Silence comes to me and pulls me against her bosom. I sigh and open my eyes thrilled to have her beside me for a few hours. She wanted me to tell you about the magic of Ireland. She wanted you to stop and invite her magical love into your life.

There is scientific proof that being near water can heal, be it an ocean or a river, I totally can believe it has healing powers. Then combine the water with the magic of silence. No music, no chatter, no static…just divine silence.
Serenity in silence.

Then Mr. Time walks in and sits down.  He picks up the glass of water and takes a few gulps. “Thank you for letting me come sit beside you. I am not as young as I used to be.” 

We both laugh at his comment. He raises his eyebrows and tilts the water glass toward Miss Silence in a cheers sort of way. Even Miss Silence breaks out with laughter. It is divine.

I breathe and smile at Miss Silence and Mr. Time. They are forgotten these days. Technology moves so fast, we are all awake connecting to the other side of the world.

Mr. Time; “Will you be going into your studio today? It is one of the few places I feel truly appreciated. When you create with clay I can rest and slow down, even stand still for a few moments.”

I smile, and stand up beside him, I reach out for his hands and help pull him to his feet. His hands, they are like my father’s hands. I caress the back of his hands with my thumbs. 
“Awh, you see your dad’s hands in mine?” 

I look up at him, blinking back tears.
“Yes,” I barely whisper, afraid if I talk I will break down into a million tears.

He smiles and sighs, “ Miss Silence and I are thrilled to have you embrace us. We have found a home. Thank you.”

Mr. Time leaned forward and kissed me upon my forehead and with that, he turned on his heal and flew. I could faintly hear him say; “See you in the studio!”

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Healing well.

Photographs and graphic created by Judith Parsons Art. 2016

This story involves a woman in Los Angeles, a woman in Ireland and a wishing well. The impetus to travel and see the cemetery was a tip from an incredible woman whose family was buried next to the Killeavy church.

Not only were the family resting there, the grandfather owned the quarry and he and the two uncles carved the inscriptions and put up the stones. As an artist it was awe inspiring to visit. Most of us never ever contemplate the stone that marks a family. The last piece of art created for someone. The Mulholland families grave stone is gorgeous. The remains of the church and convent connect us to a past that make me believe in giants. Although the church is in ruins, each stone was hand placed carefully to erect a wall. It is a lost art.

It is easy to imagine the families standing beside the grave, paying respect. The love of the past softly kissing your cheek upon the gentle breeze. I thought of my dad, and my father-in-law, who just recently passed. It is a lovely place to meet others in your minds eye. It "see" them healthy and whole.

After Anita and I had located the family plot, she wanted to visit St. Moninna’s well. It is the white cross that is in the photograph to the left of the image. The well is magical and can heal people. There is also a tree where people leave energy pieces to make wishes come true. Anita took two go-go’s, (or cloth cover rubber bands that we pull our hair back with) up to the tree. 

We started walking down the path toward the well and tree. I looked up at where the well was upon the mountain and immediately asked; “Can’t we drive up there?” It was straight up a mountain. I mean UP-UP-UP!!! And honestly, I admit, I didn’t have it in me. My legs were numb from moving boulders the day before in the river.

I decided to stay behind and watch my mountain goat love run up the mountain. And if you know Anita, then you know how stubborn and determined she can be! She took off and I followed her with my telephoto camera lens. She was a dot upon the side of the mountain. 

She gathered water from the well to place upon her mother’s eyes, and she placed the go-go’s upon the tree and made her wishes for us. She came down the mountain grinning and happy as a toddler tasting chocolate cake for the first time.

While she was walking to the well I took photos of the surrounding area. The homes dot the countryside with its patches of different green. One feels like they are on top of the world here.

I look forward to making the trek to the well. I will make sure my legs are rested next trip. We are all healing well.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Secret place to heal.

I am back to San Francisco after being in Ireland for 2 and a half months. WowWeeeee what an incredible summer it has been!!

Visiting castles and beaches, talking and holding owls and hawks, walking up rivers, weaving seaweed, hiking up mountains where you can see forever, and visiting cemeteries and special ruins that were built 5 thousand years ago. That can’t be right? Right!!!

I became a 12 year old little girl again. I slashed through brambles and built a path. I moved stones until I felt my arms were going to fall off of my body. I collapsed and slid in a river and laughed at how incredibly cold that icy water was. I became a little girl again, I built a fort out beside the river. 
A dream come true river secret place to heal.

The photo with the hawk is one of my most favorite memories from Ireland. Perhaps it was my white hair, or the blanket wrapped around my shoulders with little owls upon them, maybe I looked very wise or very Native American. I am not sure why the man running the show took a liking to me, however, I was thrilled he did. He let me be the first to feed the hawk. What a treat!!

It was exciting to be so close to the birds, it was a moment of complete slow motion REAL living. The hawk has incredible eyes, when he looks at you it is as if you are looking into the eyes of God. It transforms you, the energy connect…perhaps I was a Queen a million years ago. I could believe it in that moment.

I was forever changed. In that moment. I believe in magic more than ever. It is the smallest things that transform us. The golden lock of hawk eyes upon your soul. That moment when YOU know you are in the exact place you need to be, when all the tiny puzzle pieces of energy are perfectly aligned and you SOAR.

This summer I learned zillions of lessons. I learned I am not anywhere near perfect. And I also learned to accept myself as is. Over sensitive and over emotional and yet clever and strong. Perhaps THAT was the best lesson of all, I finally started LOVING me, as is…faults and flaws.
Sure, I am not perfect. But dang it I can transform a over grown brambles garden and create my own path down to the river of me.

Wooooohooooooo!!! Transforming and taming something, seeing the changes and being totally thrilled with it all. This is living!!!!

Life is what we make it. One can talk all day long about the magic, then one can go and make the magic come true.

Dear Sweet Lovely Anita, imagine me hugging you tight. Thank you Anita for letting me push and drive you crazy. Thank you for playing in the river and taking a chance on becoming a young girl again. THAT trek up that overgrown river, was the best little trip up the amazon river!!! Falling in that mess will always stay with me. We needed to fall, so we could mark the journey. If we had not fallen it would have been a regular forgettable walk.
It was a fabulous day for finding the young you, the you that sat up in the tree, thank you for taking me there. For allowing me to "see" the innocent wild little Anita!!!

  (Squeezing you tight) Breathe deeply this embrace and grin!! Miracles are happening!!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Born in Ireland!

Photo taken by Judith Parsons.

This summer I have been hanging out with incredible women from Ireland. The healing powerful energies of Reiki masters, the healing powers of the rain and the healing love of friendship have wrapped around me in a cocoon of love. I am leaving Ireland in a few days stronger for the love I have experienced here.

My cocoon of transformation this summer has been kissed by gentle rains. The rain here has not been the rain I knew in Louisiana. The rain here is soft and gentle. It falls in a “come out and kiss me out under the rain.”  The rains in Louisiana and Georgia are the rains that blind you, the harshness so extreme and exhausting. Not so here, the rain whispers its wants and are easy and enjoyable. I have thoroughly enjoyed the rain here.

I said goodbye to a man who visited me in a vision. A man I loved and will continue to love, now that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that spirits can visit us and come to the place that we hold sacred in our minds-eye. It was a magical vision that changed me and gave me a life line to heaven. I know the ones we hold dear can visit and I will continue on this thread another time with another blog.

I have met lovely energies; Ann, Ursula, Christine, and Aoife. The light from these women are incredible. They have towering energies and immense luminous beacons that reach to infinity. Each of them bringing lessons for me, that have left me in awe. Lessons of a life lived through trials and tribulations, leaving us all stronger for it. 

I have stood upon mountain tops with arms out stretched screaming my crazy “Woooooohoooooooo!!!!” and laughed until my belly ached beside the sea shore. I have looked into the hawk’s eye and heard his wants for me. The messenger always prevalent in my life. I have drunk wine with exquisite Loves and slept with a grin upon my face so amazed that this summer has been given to me. 

I have learned how to let go of the serious side of life. To hang out the worries of the unknown upon the clothes line of love, letting the wind blow away the unwarranted fears of the future.
THIS summer I grew up and I became a child again. 

I learned how to digest others fears, and how to look at life from an objective perspective. I finally figured out that I can only cure me. I can cradle and hold another, soothing them, however, it is up to that individual to heal oneself. This lesson being the most magnificent. It is a freeing place to stand.

I glance toward San Francisco, I am returning rejuvenated and ready to create magnificent art.
What an amazing summer!!!

Riding the waves and winds toward heaven!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Witch/Angel Mountain in Ireland

Jp Parsons and Anita Boyle upon Slieve Gullion mountain.
There are two women that stand beside me. Both women know about soaring and strength. 

Terri told me about the secret place that kisses the clouds. Anita, the other woman, most of you know. She has been loving and supporting me for many years.

The photo you see is from that mountain we climbed. One can see forever upon that mountain. It is a high perspective place, it is now a part of my eagle perspective meditation, a mountain top place that requires much strength to visit. 

Teri was born under the mountain, she climbed it as a child and she knows what strength is about. Her family was born with mountain strength in their blood. The family owned a quarry and learned to work the stone, it was taken for granted that she would be strong.

Anita is strong in a quiet eye brow raised sort of “ I am challenging you every day. Are you strong enough to soar next to me?”  She is also a energy source to reckon with. Imagine four lightning storms coming from the north, south, east and west…She the lightning bolts of energy and then see all that energy focused into the center of the earth. THIS is Anita, this is her strength.

Both women are teaching me about being courageous and facing my fears. The sort of strength to climb mountains and to own my highest self.

Mountains require tenacity. To climb a mountain one MUST keep going. Period the end. Strong in body, mind and spirit. Strong people who dwell in ALL three of those aspects are rare. Strong people who find themselves at the top of the mountain usually find themselves alone. Yesterday, Anita and I climbed Slieve Gullion. It was a difficult climb however, we are both bull headed women, neither one of us wanted to give up and disappoint the other. 

It makes perfectly good sense, how strong people would find themselves alone. They don’t take no for an answer. They don’t want whiney people traveling beside them. It gets old listening to people cry. It is a “keep up with the herd mentality.” 

Sure, I know, true friends will sit and hold your hand, take a rest with you, and give you a bottle of water from their ruck sack to sip upon. However, a ten minute rest is what you get with a strong person. There is a mountain to climb— keep moving or stay behind.

With strong people: Make the decision to do something, or don’t. There is no try. Cancer, family deaths, and hurricanes have tragically touched us all. None caved into tragedy. 

Most of you have heard Yoda’s saying “There is no try.” It runs across the inside of my eyelids every morning. Just do.

Having a strong friend means getting up every morning and doing what has to be done. That strong friend needs to be your higher self.

We all have things we want to do. We all have that person in our minds eye that looks and acts a certain way. WHEN? When does that person show up?

Imagine a doorway separating yourself from what you desire. On the other side of that doorway sits you, the new and improved you. The more disciplined you, the you that you have always wanted to be. He/she is looking at you and smiling. That perfect you, is sitting at a kitchen table writing out the tasks that HAVE to be done. That highest part of you has been wondering when you would stop your childish ways with your addictions and awaken.

The sun is streaming in through the window and the the steam is rising from your favorite mug. Look into the eyes of you, and smile back. Go ahead, stand up and see yourself walk across the threshold of who you are.

The best you stands and welcomes you with a hug. The best you whispers in your ear: ”We can be whatever you want Dear.” The best you is within you to assist.

The highest me is asking me out to walk up that mountain again. A few days ago was my first trip up, I know now what is required. God willing, I will be back up there again. 

Go ahead, BE strong. Do what needs to be done. It is a glorious place to stand. 
Upon a mountain top, screaming to the world:

“I am strong!”

I invite you to join me. I invite all of my friends to come to Ireland and challenge yourself to hug your highest self. IT really is a rush!!