Saturday, August 27, 2016

Secret place to heal.

I am back to San Francisco after being in Ireland for 2 and a half months. WowWeeeee what an incredible summer it has been!!

Visiting castles and beaches, talking and holding owls and hawks, walking up rivers, weaving seaweed, hiking up mountains where you can see forever, and visiting cemeteries and special ruins that were built 5 thousand years ago. That can’t be right? Right!!!

I became a 12 year old little girl again. I slashed through brambles and built a path. I moved stones until I felt my arms were going to fall off of my body. I collapsed and slid in a river and laughed at how incredibly cold that icy water was. I became a little girl again, I built a fort out beside the river. 
A dream come true river secret place to heal.

The photo with the hawk is one of my most favorite memories from Ireland. Perhaps it was my white hair, or the blanket wrapped around my shoulders with little owls upon them, maybe I looked very wise or very Native American. I am not sure why the man running the show took a liking to me, however, I was thrilled he did. He let me be the first to feed the hawk. What a treat!!

It was exciting to be so close to the birds, it was a moment of complete slow motion REAL living. The hawk has incredible eyes, when he looks at you it is as if you are looking into the eyes of God. It transforms you, the energy connect…perhaps I was a Queen a million years ago. I could believe it in that moment.

I was forever changed. In that moment. I believe in magic more than ever. It is the smallest things that transform us. The golden lock of hawk eyes upon your soul. That moment when YOU know you are in the exact place you need to be, when all the tiny puzzle pieces of energy are perfectly aligned and you SOAR.

This summer I learned zillions of lessons. I learned I am not anywhere near perfect. And I also learned to accept myself as is. Over sensitive and over emotional and yet clever and strong. Perhaps THAT was the best lesson of all, I finally started LOVING me, as is…faults and flaws.
Sure, I am not perfect. But dang it I can transform a over grown brambles garden and create my own path down to the river of me.

Wooooohooooooo!!! Transforming and taming something, seeing the changes and being totally thrilled with it all. This is living!!!!

Life is what we make it. One can talk all day long about the magic, then one can go and make the magic come true.

Dear Sweet Lovely Anita, imagine me hugging you tight. Thank you Anita for letting me push and drive you crazy. Thank you for playing in the river and taking a chance on becoming a young girl again. THAT trek up that overgrown river, was the best little trip up the amazon river!!! Falling in that mess will always stay with me. We needed to fall, so we could mark the journey. If we had not fallen it would have been a regular forgettable walk.
It was a fabulous day for finding the young you, the you that sat up in the tree, thank you for taking me there. For allowing me to "see" the innocent wild little Anita!!!

  (Squeezing you tight) Breathe deeply this embrace and grin!! Miracles are happening!!


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