Sunday, August 28, 2016

Healing well.

Photographs and graphic created by Judith Parsons Art. 2016

This story involves a woman in Los Angeles, a woman in Ireland and a wishing well. The impetus to travel and see the cemetery was a tip from an incredible woman whose family was buried next to the Killeavy church.

Not only were the family resting there, the grandfather owned the quarry and he and the two uncles carved the inscriptions and put up the stones. As an artist it was awe inspiring to visit. Most of us never ever contemplate the stone that marks a family. The last piece of art created for someone. The Mulholland families grave stone is gorgeous. The remains of the church and convent connect us to a past that make me believe in giants. Although the church is in ruins, each stone was hand placed carefully to erect a wall. It is a lost art.

It is easy to imagine the families standing beside the grave, paying respect. The love of the past softly kissing your cheek upon the gentle breeze. I thought of my dad, and my father-in-law, who just recently passed. It is a lovely place to meet others in your minds eye. It "see" them healthy and whole.

After Anita and I had located the family plot, she wanted to visit St. Moninna’s well. It is the white cross that is in the photograph to the left of the image. The well is magical and can heal people. There is also a tree where people leave energy pieces to make wishes come true. Anita took two go-go’s, (or cloth cover rubber bands that we pull our hair back with) up to the tree. 

We started walking down the path toward the well and tree. I looked up at where the well was upon the mountain and immediately asked; “Can’t we drive up there?” It was straight up a mountain. I mean UP-UP-UP!!! And honestly, I admit, I didn’t have it in me. My legs were numb from moving boulders the day before in the river.

I decided to stay behind and watch my mountain goat love run up the mountain. And if you know Anita, then you know how stubborn and determined she can be! She took off and I followed her with my telephoto camera lens. She was a dot upon the side of the mountain. 

She gathered water from the well to place upon her mother’s eyes, and she placed the go-go’s upon the tree and made her wishes for us. She came down the mountain grinning and happy as a toddler tasting chocolate cake for the first time.

While she was walking to the well I took photos of the surrounding area. The homes dot the countryside with its patches of different green. One feels like they are on top of the world here.

I look forward to making the trek to the well. I will make sure my legs are rested next trip. We are all healing well.

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