Monday, August 1, 2016

Witch/Angel Mountain in Ireland

Jp Parsons and Anita Boyle upon Slieve Gullion mountain.
There are two women that stand beside me. Both women know about soaring and strength. 

Terri told me about the secret place that kisses the clouds. Anita, the other woman, most of you know. She has been loving and supporting me for many years.

The photo you see is from that mountain we climbed. One can see forever upon that mountain. It is a high perspective place, it is now a part of my eagle perspective meditation, a mountain top place that requires much strength to visit. 

Teri was born under the mountain, she climbed it as a child and she knows what strength is about. Her family was born with mountain strength in their blood. The family owned a quarry and learned to work the stone, it was taken for granted that she would be strong.

Anita is strong in a quiet eye brow raised sort of “ I am challenging you every day. Are you strong enough to soar next to me?”  She is also a energy source to reckon with. Imagine four lightning storms coming from the north, south, east and west…She the lightning bolts of energy and then see all that energy focused into the center of the earth. THIS is Anita, this is her strength.

Both women are teaching me about being courageous and facing my fears. The sort of strength to climb mountains and to own my highest self.

Mountains require tenacity. To climb a mountain one MUST keep going. Period the end. Strong in body, mind and spirit. Strong people who dwell in ALL three of those aspects are rare. Strong people who find themselves at the top of the mountain usually find themselves alone. Yesterday, Anita and I climbed Slieve Gullion. It was a difficult climb however, we are both bull headed women, neither one of us wanted to give up and disappoint the other. 

It makes perfectly good sense, how strong people would find themselves alone. They don’t take no for an answer. They don’t want whiney people traveling beside them. It gets old listening to people cry. It is a “keep up with the herd mentality.” 

Sure, I know, true friends will sit and hold your hand, take a rest with you, and give you a bottle of water from their ruck sack to sip upon. However, a ten minute rest is what you get with a strong person. There is a mountain to climb— keep moving or stay behind.

With strong people: Make the decision to do something, or don’t. There is no try. Cancer, family deaths, and hurricanes have tragically touched us all. None caved into tragedy. 

Most of you have heard Yoda’s saying “There is no try.” It runs across the inside of my eyelids every morning. Just do.

Having a strong friend means getting up every morning and doing what has to be done. That strong friend needs to be your higher self.

We all have things we want to do. We all have that person in our minds eye that looks and acts a certain way. WHEN? When does that person show up?

Imagine a doorway separating yourself from what you desire. On the other side of that doorway sits you, the new and improved you. The more disciplined you, the you that you have always wanted to be. He/she is looking at you and smiling. That perfect you, is sitting at a kitchen table writing out the tasks that HAVE to be done. That highest part of you has been wondering when you would stop your childish ways with your addictions and awaken.

The sun is streaming in through the window and the the steam is rising from your favorite mug. Look into the eyes of you, and smile back. Go ahead, stand up and see yourself walk across the threshold of who you are.

The best you stands and welcomes you with a hug. The best you whispers in your ear: ”We can be whatever you want Dear.” The best you is within you to assist.

The highest me is asking me out to walk up that mountain again. A few days ago was my first trip up, I know now what is required. God willing, I will be back up there again. 

Go ahead, BE strong. Do what needs to be done. It is a glorious place to stand. 
Upon a mountain top, screaming to the world:

“I am strong!”

I invite you to join me. I invite all of my friends to come to Ireland and challenge yourself to hug your highest self. IT really is a rush!! 


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