Monday, June 30, 2014


Art created especially for this blog- by Judith Parsons.
I am writing on the fly...What you see in the photo to the left is what has been upon my mind. This is rambling at its best!

I am visiting Anita and her mother in Ireland. My mother is on my mind these days.
I am certain she would be laughing right along with us! I imagine her walking beside us- as we walk about the divine countryside.

I love the way Anita and her mom get along! It is a different way here with elders. They really take care of their family. The whole family comes over to visit on the weekend and sit and have some craic.

There is a respect and reverence for the family.
(sighing smiling)

We saw a beautiful Irish setter as we were walking to our car. And I am sure my mother was pulling strings in heaven to make that dog appear exactly at that particular time- reminding me of my childhood. (smiling) I am a child at heart! There are soooo many things I still want to do! Surfing- sky diving- sailing!

Is it true- You are as young as you feel? Then I am 25! (grinning)

I am the white haired woman in the black top. Anita and her mum are beside me. My mother's photo is the one with the water damage at the bottom. Its a long story to be told about floods and I won't go into it now.

The gothic window has been photoshopped - I love love love the medieval architecture and take photos ALL the time!  The trinity cross at the bottom is my love for the Celtic realm.

I am blessed to be here- in this magnificent home. Were love flows easily- effortlessly- elegantly- exquisitely -(smiling sigh)! Soaring!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!
Love you!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Uncomplicatedness of family ART!

Uncomplicatedness  of making family art!

It is a blessing to be around someone where the silence sits comfortably around your shoulders. The smile and the raised eyebrow say so much. Writing here is where I ramble on incessantly- I can download the art of the word.

It was simply ordinary. Sitting upon the sofa- chillaxing. Using the computer to watch last year’s series “Orange is the New Black” and munching on chips (crisps), chocolate candy and sipping upon wine.  It was a deliciously ordinary plain and simple night.  There is a lot to be said for simplicity. I miss it!

It was a magnificent day with Anita’s family. Being a part of something greater, being around a gracious loving family and eating a glorious meal. Sitting at a table with smiling faces and enjoying the craic with the Aunts and Uncle. Watching a young child chase after balloons and young mother happy to be with her family.

There is something to be said for a family that likes one another. Sure, we all “love” our families. But do we like them? I am tearing up thinking about my family. I moved about the country –married to a military man. My children didn’t grow up with Aunts and Uncles. They never had a chance to grow close to my sisters and brothers. I miss that. It never occurred to me until today how incredible family really is.

It is a fallacy that moving about the country makes you a cosmopolitan person. It makes you a lonely person. Sure I have friends all over the United States, however, when it is all said and done- where are the roots of your soul? Who is going to cradle and care for you in your twilight years?

We drove into town and ran into McEvoys store. The Trinity symbol is a part of the store signage. (smiling) It follows me around- the “Trinity” the number 3 stalks me, the triangle is part of me and all that I am.

Think of the Trinity at the most basic level- think of 3 people standing beside one another. It is much easier for 2 people to carry one person, than it is for one person to carry another.
Think of the Trinity as being equally aligned in body, mind and spirit.
Think of the Trinity as past, present and future.
Think of the Trinity as the self, the self watching the self and the highest self watching over the other 2 selves.

It did not escape me that the Trinity symbol was upon the clothing store. Every time I turn around the symbols of the Celtic heritage pop up and remind me of my spiritual art quest.

Being in San Francisco continuing my graduate studies in sculpture is akin to being a monk. I pour myself into my art. I work very hard at learning my craft and perfecting my skills as an artist.

However, today was PURE ART . Seeing the little ten month old wrap his arms around Maggie pulled my heart strings. Art is SUPPOSED to bring an emotion to the surface. Sitting at that table today- with all its effortlessness- easiness- uncomplicatedness was MAGIC!!!

Thank you Helen for loving your family- for having them over to bond and become stronger and better! YOU created pure authentic ART today!!

God knows this is a magical time!!! Heaven on earth!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ireland Awakening!

First morning awakening in Ireland, the breeze stirs the lace curtains and the birds are chirping. I inhale the energy of the house, there is a serenity that wraps around me. Smiling sighing I lay with eyes closed breathing in the magnificence of the morning energy.

I dreamed of the coliseum. It has been a while since I have visited the coliseum. There was only one thinking man sitting in the stands. He waved and smiled at me. He telepathically said I had set the other thinking men free. My last visit I had roused them to life- and they were off seeking their passion.
I asked him why he was still about and he walked up to me, caressed my face and said I was his passion.  I lay in bed thinking about those green eyes piercing through my soul. It was a glorious dream to remember.

I looked out the window. The morning breeze danced with the clothing upon the line. The wind asked me to come outside to watch the dance. I walk out into the slightly cool crisp air.  The towels and pillow cases seem to be waving and smiling for me. I said good morning to the clothing and the wind picked up the sheet and it caresses my face. I breathed in the morning. Content. I was totally happy with the wind wiping the towels about. I was at peace.

Perhaps I have been in the city to long. Taking clothing off the line was a magical process. Using clothing pins (or pegs-waving at Anita) and placing clothing upon the line is a delicious process. I know it sound demented- that I should care about the placement of the towels beside the towels. However- I was so into the moment of placing the wash out upon the line- it became a crazy slow motion moment. (laughing) I know this sounds ridiculous. Even as I write about it- the old me is looking at the new me and wondering what in the world is going on.

The feeling of the fabrics, the texture of the cloth and the coolness of the wet material combined with the warm morning sun upon my shoulders puts me in a dreamy trance state. I stood outside placing the wash upon the line- and I was in heaven.

Anita asked me about dinner, if pork chops and potatoes sounded good. Oh Dear Lord, does it ever!! I have been living alone, in a place where a peanut butter sandwich is my meal. I want to fall upon my knees and kiss the ground Anita walks on- because she has opened her home to me- and is treating me like a queen.

It really is all RELATIVE. All I did last year was create art. That was my main task at hand. I wanted to honor the process and give it my ALL! I live in a place where I have to share a bath with six other people. I have been alone, with out the energy to cook for myself. I did have a glorious week with my daughter, who loves to cook- and she made some scrumptious dinners.

Being here, in Ireland, I am transported to an unreal place of divine serenity. I am welcomed into a family where they really know how to hug. I am in a home where the laundry speaks to me, (smiling) and the wind caresses my face.

This is heaven upon earth. (sighing) I think I will snuggle down for a comfy nap- and listen to the birds sing and dream of my green eyed sweet heart!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Little miracles!

I have been enamored with the Book of Kells for many years! I traveled to Ireland to see it- and taught the animals to my 5th grade students!

I love J. Campbell!! My daughter had one of his books and I have read him extensively!

Someone created the cool art- it is cleverly created in the style of the book of Kells- and yet has a very contemporary message!

Bravo to the artist! I would like to thank you for creating this! IT summed up everything I have been praying about!

See above it: "I am astounded."
Those are my words- I am blown away by your art! (standing ovation!)
Thank you!

Follow your bliss!!

I am grinning from ear to ear at this little miracle! Whomever you are!! I adore the heck out of you! We are on the same wave length!! (hugging you tight)

Above the art you will see: "" I visited the web site and was blown away by the design- by the breathing rooms!! Woooooohooooo!!!
Dear Lord!!!
You can choose your intentions- your sounds to breathe by- the colors etc...It is a beautiful incredible place to gather!! The intentions is for the world to breathe as one!! THINK about that for a second!!
The whole world could be breathing in and out- with peace as our goal!!

I know- I know - my words are all over the place! I am excited to be living in this day and age- where we can all be ONE!!

I love you all!!
Let us soar!
Let us shine!
We are divine light!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Margaret in San Francisco

Art reflects everything!! Wooohoooooo!

I have had a fabulous week with my daughter in my sweet little San Francisco nest. I relished her presence here. She awakened with a smile and we took turns making coffee for one another.
Oh!!!!! the simple treasure of her handing me a cup of magical warm liquid! Dear Lord- I have forgotten what is like to have a smiling magical light to share my morning coffee!

We sat upon the roof top and talked about the truth of art. What exactly did we want to be when we grew up? (smiling) What ONE thing did I want to capture with my art? We cried, we laughed- we stared deep into one another’s truth in awe.

There were many SOULFUL moments- that we knew when we looked into one another's eyes. We talked endlessly about authentic magical art- J. Campbell, animal lessons and what the spirit is. We saturated and marinated ourselves in the words of art and what art is- and what true art is not!
(happy sigh) Thank you Margaret for your wise words!

She left yesterday. It was the full moon. A glorious day for making agreements. We agreed on this:
We only allow ourselves 17 seconds a day to spew. (Thank you Oprah Winfrey- for that glorious idea) We are NO longer in the past.
The past is exactly that. It got us where we are now- and we dust our hands of it.
If the people in the past really wanted to be a part of our lives- then they would be. Period.
We vowed to connect more often. We vowed to eat Chinese candy more often! (grinning)

Margaret wants to come back here, to San Francisco. She wants to make a glorious life HERE!  I am glad she fell in LOVE with the city. It is a glorious place to sing and shine!

We WILL flourish and be abundant! We will SOAR in our love for art and how it completes us! We will teach and travel and see the world!
Thank you Margaret for your glorious light and love!!! I am truly blessed to have you soaring beside me!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Godwoman Animation

My first published animation. Thank you Margaret for holding my hand through this process. I love creating like this!

Life is astounding! 
Honor the work!
Kick it in high gear!!
Unfurl your wings! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Wind Rises!

Last night was a magical night! 

My daughter Margaret and I went to see Hayao Miyazaki’s film, “The Wind Rises” at the incredible renovated Castro theatre. 

The wind in the movie was magical as was the wind in the streets of San Francisco! The wind made us laugh!

I love the wind. 
I love the way the wind rises, the older I get the more I understand the MAGIC of wind. 

I first fell in love with the wind in Newport RI. I learned to sail under the Newport bridge and learned the nuances of the element and how to harness her. I fell in LOVE with her then.

There are moments that become slow motion movie memories. Before a storm, in Louisiana. The wind whipping the leaves, the leaves showing their underbelly, the wanting emotion of the leaves, to be  swept away- a visible quivering in the wind.

Sitting upon the grass at a playground watching the children play. Amanda Bradshaw you might recall that day.

Raising the sail and watching the wind hungrily fill the canvas! Bringing a sailboat to a mooring with no engine. Just using God’s breath to bring me back to the dock. Aw-w-w-esome wind! How I love you!

Last night a empty potato chip bag was swept upward as Margaret and I walked by. It rose above our heads and swirled around in a vortex of magic, and we both turned and laughed and watched it perform for us. It continued for a moment dancing as if someone was pulling threads from above! We laughed out loud! I thanked the wind and the angels for giving us that magical moment.

We crossed the road and a gentleman’s straw hat was caught by the wind and we ran to catch his hat. Marg and I laughed again because it reminded us of a scene in the movie.

My daughter Margaret's words:
"The nature of wind is that it doesn't leave or go-- it swings like a pendulum. It carries us to our destinations, a pushing motion, and yet it brings us back to the past, to our memories. It can carry the smells of days gone by, sounds, our names, the whispered truths that we are never the same but that the wind will never change. "

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Margaret Heart Words

Graphic drawn in photoshop- Created a few minutes ago.
When you care to send the very best image. Judith Parsons
Words are an incredible form of art. Combined with an artistic fluid animated imaginative mind and they can change the world. My family was nomadic – we started as a military family. We moved and moved. It is what you do. And every time you move, you tell “Your story”.
Certainly you could make up a story. But then it gets tricky, because you have to remember what you’ve said. So it is smart to stick with the facts.

At first you tell the story- embellishing all the glorious facts. I taught swimming- taught sailing- I worked at newspapers and advertising agencies. Oh the places I have seen. I spin the thread and weave a glorious tapestry for you to hang upon your wall and admire.

As time goes on, I have stopped telling my story. I even tire of my own words. The tapestry goes from wall hanging to floor mat.

All day yesterday Margaret and I played with words and how powerful the images are.
The first animation were figures, line shapes walking around with words swirling and moving around inside of them. Every time they spoke “their story” the words came from their mouth and left the inside of them. The capacity of words lowered. Like a fluid that becomes less and less.

As the day progressed we spoke about how some words are the balls and chain wrapped around the victim's feet. Every time they speak their: “Poor woe is me” story- the ball and chain become bigger.

Then Margaret came up with the best animation idea. When a person speaks from love- from the heart- the words come from the mouth and give them wings.

Make the choice to soar- use he(art) words!