Monday, June 16, 2014

Little miracles!

I have been enamored with the Book of Kells for many years! I traveled to Ireland to see it- and taught the animals to my 5th grade students!

I love J. Campbell!! My daughter had one of his books and I have read him extensively!

Someone created the cool art- it is cleverly created in the style of the book of Kells- and yet has a very contemporary message!

Bravo to the artist! I would like to thank you for creating this! IT summed up everything I have been praying about!

See above it: "I am astounded."
Those are my words- I am blown away by your art! (standing ovation!)
Thank you!

Follow your bliss!!

I am grinning from ear to ear at this little miracle! Whomever you are!! I adore the heck out of you! We are on the same wave length!! (hugging you tight)

Above the art you will see: "" I visited the web site and was blown away by the design- by the breathing rooms!! Woooooohooooo!!!
Dear Lord!!!
You can choose your intentions- your sounds to breathe by- the colors etc...It is a beautiful incredible place to gather!! The intentions is for the world to breathe as one!! THINK about that for a second!!
The whole world could be breathing in and out- with peace as our goal!!

I know- I know - my words are all over the place! I am excited to be living in this day and age- where we can all be ONE!!

I love you all!!
Let us soar!
Let us shine!
We are divine light!

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