Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A box of holding on!

One of a kind art, created by Judith Parsons.
When you care enough to have the very best.
This is rambling at its best. I had an incredible dream last night. I can still see my hands holding the red metal rungs of this tipsy topsie ladder.

It was not an everyday sort of ladder that was stable. The red metal rungs were attached to this scaffolding that moved. Every time I pulled back upon the rung to haul my self higher-the scaffolding would tilt back. I felt as if the whole contraption was going to topple over. It was a S-L-O-W process!

Every step higher took great strength to slowly pull myself higher. It had to be done with precision! I can remember balancing upon my tippy toes. My muscles in my calves were burning. I stood there trembling in my dream.


Any dream expert would relate my slow process of learning and precision with my spiritual quest of returning to college to secure my MFA in sculpture. (Smiling) Certainly I bit off a huge adventure and it is requiring much of me. However, I am up for the task. I am loving every moment of it. I am learning Cantonese -slowly. And I am creating original art regularly in photoshop, building up my portfolio again so I can acquire some freelance work. All in all it is coming along swimmingly!

I created the photo to try and convey this red metal rung. Using my iphone camera I took a photo of one arm holding the red bar- then switched hands. Then compiled them into one composition using photoshop.

You know how I roll.
The spirit moves me.

So as I created in photoshop- it became a box of holding on.  And I am most certain I will create a illustration that becomes a stairway of holding on.

I abhor WAITING. Waiting gives away your power.
(REPEAT: Waiting GIVES away your power.)

I give you a box of energy. (Handing you a box of light!) Inside the box is light, love and strength to continue. There are a pair of light wings for you to slide your arms into. I will help you realize your strength. You got it. Now flap those wings!!

You are growing stronger every day! (smiling) That’s right, smile. Accept that you are continuing on your path. You don’t have to walk it- you can fly it!

We can hold upon the red bar together!

Everything is as it should be!

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