Saturday, June 14, 2014

Margaret in San Francisco

Art reflects everything!! Wooohoooooo!

I have had a fabulous week with my daughter in my sweet little San Francisco nest. I relished her presence here. She awakened with a smile and we took turns making coffee for one another.
Oh!!!!! the simple treasure of her handing me a cup of magical warm liquid! Dear Lord- I have forgotten what is like to have a smiling magical light to share my morning coffee!

We sat upon the roof top and talked about the truth of art. What exactly did we want to be when we grew up? (smiling) What ONE thing did I want to capture with my art? We cried, we laughed- we stared deep into one another’s truth in awe.

There were many SOULFUL moments- that we knew when we looked into one another's eyes. We talked endlessly about authentic magical art- J. Campbell, animal lessons and what the spirit is. We saturated and marinated ourselves in the words of art and what art is- and what true art is not!
(happy sigh) Thank you Margaret for your wise words!

She left yesterday. It was the full moon. A glorious day for making agreements. We agreed on this:
We only allow ourselves 17 seconds a day to spew. (Thank you Oprah Winfrey- for that glorious idea) We are NO longer in the past.
The past is exactly that. It got us where we are now- and we dust our hands of it.
If the people in the past really wanted to be a part of our lives- then they would be. Period.
We vowed to connect more often. We vowed to eat Chinese candy more often! (grinning)

Margaret wants to come back here, to San Francisco. She wants to make a glorious life HERE!  I am glad she fell in LOVE with the city. It is a glorious place to sing and shine!

We WILL flourish and be abundant! We will SOAR in our love for art and how it completes us! We will teach and travel and see the world!
Thank you Margaret for your glorious light and love!!! I am truly blessed to have you soaring beside me!