Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ireland Awakening!

First morning awakening in Ireland, the breeze stirs the lace curtains and the birds are chirping. I inhale the energy of the house, there is a serenity that wraps around me. Smiling sighing I lay with eyes closed breathing in the magnificence of the morning energy.

I dreamed of the coliseum. It has been a while since I have visited the coliseum. There was only one thinking man sitting in the stands. He waved and smiled at me. He telepathically said I had set the other thinking men free. My last visit I had roused them to life- and they were off seeking their passion.
I asked him why he was still about and he walked up to me, caressed my face and said I was his passion.  I lay in bed thinking about those green eyes piercing through my soul. It was a glorious dream to remember.

I looked out the window. The morning breeze danced with the clothing upon the line. The wind asked me to come outside to watch the dance. I walk out into the slightly cool crisp air.  The towels and pillow cases seem to be waving and smiling for me. I said good morning to the clothing and the wind picked up the sheet and it caresses my face. I breathed in the morning. Content. I was totally happy with the wind wiping the towels about. I was at peace.

Perhaps I have been in the city to long. Taking clothing off the line was a magical process. Using clothing pins (or pegs-waving at Anita) and placing clothing upon the line is a delicious process. I know it sound demented- that I should care about the placement of the towels beside the towels. However- I was so into the moment of placing the wash out upon the line- it became a crazy slow motion moment. (laughing) I know this sounds ridiculous. Even as I write about it- the old me is looking at the new me and wondering what in the world is going on.

The feeling of the fabrics, the texture of the cloth and the coolness of the wet material combined with the warm morning sun upon my shoulders puts me in a dreamy trance state. I stood outside placing the wash upon the line- and I was in heaven.

Anita asked me about dinner, if pork chops and potatoes sounded good. Oh Dear Lord, does it ever!! I have been living alone, in a place where a peanut butter sandwich is my meal. I want to fall upon my knees and kiss the ground Anita walks on- because she has opened her home to me- and is treating me like a queen.

It really is all RELATIVE. All I did last year was create art. That was my main task at hand. I wanted to honor the process and give it my ALL! I live in a place where I have to share a bath with six other people. I have been alone, with out the energy to cook for myself. I did have a glorious week with my daughter, who loves to cook- and she made some scrumptious dinners.

Being here, in Ireland, I am transported to an unreal place of divine serenity. I am welcomed into a family where they really know how to hug. I am in a home where the laundry speaks to me, (smiling) and the wind caresses my face.

This is heaven upon earth. (sighing) I think I will snuggle down for a comfy nap- and listen to the birds sing and dream of my green eyed sweet heart!

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  1. Putting washing out on the line is one of the things that makes me very happy :)