Monday, June 9, 2014

Beautiful art: Margaret!

Beautiful art: Margaret!
Photo by Judith Parsons
Art is  life – life is art. The blog is entitled- “Art being born”, my daughter is art. I am in heaven having my daughter here!

I was late getting to the airport. We were talking to one another on our cell phones, trying to find one another. She was coming around on the tram and she said she could see me. She said; “Oh mom- you look so Californian!”
She walked out of the caboose and we screamed in hollered in happiness. It was a corny slow-motion movie moment.
I will never forget how good it felt to hold her. We stood and hugged- really hanging on and holding sort of hug..and yes- I was all very teary eyed happy and in heaven. If I were strong enough I would have scooped her up into my arms and cradled her. (laughing) That would have been a sight! I am imagining a white haired woman cradling her daughter in her arms.

The words of the day are simple memories.

It is so true, that the simplest of things make us the happiness. Last night I turned over to snuggle down and Margaret lay cuddled beside me, her face toward me. I lay in the dark, with the city lights glowing enough to see her beautiful features. I wanted to memorize her face. Her high cheek bones, her perfectly arched eyes, her beautifully God sculpted lips. (smiling sigh)

Margaret slurped coffee on the fire escape and sketched a wee bit. I took photos of her, as I am trying to capture the beauty of her magnificence. SHE is pure sunshine to me- she is luminous in her light and radiates pure love!

She is going for a swim and I am going to create an animation!!! (She is teaching me Adobe AfterEffects!!!) Watch out world!!! (chuckling)

I am blessed to have this time with my daughter. Woooohoooooo!!!
Two eagles soaring!

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