Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Wind Rises!

Last night was a magical night! 

My daughter Margaret and I went to see Hayao Miyazaki’s film, “The Wind Rises” at the incredible renovated Castro theatre. 

The wind in the movie was magical as was the wind in the streets of San Francisco! The wind made us laugh!

I love the wind. 
I love the way the wind rises, the older I get the more I understand the MAGIC of wind. 

I first fell in love with the wind in Newport RI. I learned to sail under the Newport bridge and learned the nuances of the element and how to harness her. I fell in LOVE with her then.

There are moments that become slow motion movie memories. Before a storm, in Louisiana. The wind whipping the leaves, the leaves showing their underbelly, the wanting emotion of the leaves, to be  swept away- a visible quivering in the wind.

Sitting upon the grass at a playground watching the children play. Amanda Bradshaw you might recall that day.

Raising the sail and watching the wind hungrily fill the canvas! Bringing a sailboat to a mooring with no engine. Just using God’s breath to bring me back to the dock. Aw-w-w-esome wind! How I love you!

Last night a empty potato chip bag was swept upward as Margaret and I walked by. It rose above our heads and swirled around in a vortex of magic, and we both turned and laughed and watched it perform for us. It continued for a moment dancing as if someone was pulling threads from above! We laughed out loud! I thanked the wind and the angels for giving us that magical moment.

We crossed the road and a gentleman’s straw hat was caught by the wind and we ran to catch his hat. Marg and I laughed again because it reminded us of a scene in the movie.

My daughter Margaret's words:
"The nature of wind is that it doesn't leave or go-- it swings like a pendulum. It carries us to our destinations, a pushing motion, and yet it brings us back to the past, to our memories. It can carry the smells of days gone by, sounds, our names, the whispered truths that we are never the same but that the wind will never change. "

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