Friday, June 20, 2014

Uncomplicatedness of family ART!

Uncomplicatedness  of making family art!

It is a blessing to be around someone where the silence sits comfortably around your shoulders. The smile and the raised eyebrow say so much. Writing here is where I ramble on incessantly- I can download the art of the word.

It was simply ordinary. Sitting upon the sofa- chillaxing. Using the computer to watch last year’s series “Orange is the New Black” and munching on chips (crisps), chocolate candy and sipping upon wine.  It was a deliciously ordinary plain and simple night.  There is a lot to be said for simplicity. I miss it!

It was a magnificent day with Anita’s family. Being a part of something greater, being around a gracious loving family and eating a glorious meal. Sitting at a table with smiling faces and enjoying the craic with the Aunts and Uncle. Watching a young child chase after balloons and young mother happy to be with her family.

There is something to be said for a family that likes one another. Sure, we all “love” our families. But do we like them? I am tearing up thinking about my family. I moved about the country –married to a military man. My children didn’t grow up with Aunts and Uncles. They never had a chance to grow close to my sisters and brothers. I miss that. It never occurred to me until today how incredible family really is.

It is a fallacy that moving about the country makes you a cosmopolitan person. It makes you a lonely person. Sure I have friends all over the United States, however, when it is all said and done- where are the roots of your soul? Who is going to cradle and care for you in your twilight years?

We drove into town and ran into McEvoys store. The Trinity symbol is a part of the store signage. (smiling) It follows me around- the “Trinity” the number 3 stalks me, the triangle is part of me and all that I am.

Think of the Trinity at the most basic level- think of 3 people standing beside one another. It is much easier for 2 people to carry one person, than it is for one person to carry another.
Think of the Trinity as being equally aligned in body, mind and spirit.
Think of the Trinity as past, present and future.
Think of the Trinity as the self, the self watching the self and the highest self watching over the other 2 selves.

It did not escape me that the Trinity symbol was upon the clothing store. Every time I turn around the symbols of the Celtic heritage pop up and remind me of my spiritual art quest.

Being in San Francisco continuing my graduate studies in sculpture is akin to being a monk. I pour myself into my art. I work very hard at learning my craft and perfecting my skills as an artist.

However, today was PURE ART . Seeing the little ten month old wrap his arms around Maggie pulled my heart strings. Art is SUPPOSED to bring an emotion to the surface. Sitting at that table today- with all its effortlessness- easiness- uncomplicatedness was MAGIC!!!

Thank you Helen for loving your family- for having them over to bond and become stronger and better! YOU created pure authentic ART today!!

God knows this is a magical time!!! Heaven on earth!!

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