Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two in One

Original graphics created using photoshop by Judith Parsons.
When you care to create the very best.
The graphic is brought to you today by the number 3.

3 = Triangle = Trinity.

The graphic is two people overlapping, creating a third.

Is it two people standing beside one person?

it is the conscious self looking at the higher enlightened self?

We all have a voice that whispers softly when we are faced with difficult decisions.
That higher self rescues us.
Saves us from ourselves.

Perhaps that is God?
The Divine?

I hope you have time to overlap yourself today. A time that is quiet enough that you can call that sweet enlightened voice forward and give him/her a hug. A time to sit quietly with your heart and KNOW you are loved.

Have a blessed day Sweet facebookians. Soaring beside you!

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