Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ireland Magic!

Photos of a MAGICAL land- far far away. Life is amazing in Ireland!

There are a millions reasons to fall in love with Ireland. I was going to give you a great list, then I thought: “Dear God Jude- if you tell them- they ALL will want to go- and then, it will change.”

So-Nope. You are not getting my list. I will keep my cards close to my chest and glance at my photos to remind me of the natural glorious beauty that soothes my soul.

I have been looking through old photos- and miss the wildness of the land. There is a freshness about it. Ireland hasn’t been spoiled by pollution and chemicals.  The meat taste different, a good different. And the women are REAL, feisty and easy with the craic!

I don’t have much to say today. (swatting your rear-pushing you out the door)

 "Get along- go play…shake those hips- get outside and enjoy the wind!! "

(smiling) Hold your arms out and close your eyes and pretend you are soaring!!!

I will be right beside you!