Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Margaret Heart Words

Graphic drawn in photoshop- Created a few minutes ago.
When you care to send the very best image. Judith Parsons
Words are an incredible form of art. Combined with an artistic fluid animated imaginative mind and they can change the world. My family was nomadic – we started as a military family. We moved and moved. It is what you do. And every time you move, you tell “Your story”.
Certainly you could make up a story. But then it gets tricky, because you have to remember what you’ve said. So it is smart to stick with the facts.

At first you tell the story- embellishing all the glorious facts. I taught swimming- taught sailing- I worked at newspapers and advertising agencies. Oh the places I have seen. I spin the thread and weave a glorious tapestry for you to hang upon your wall and admire.

As time goes on, I have stopped telling my story. I even tire of my own words. The tapestry goes from wall hanging to floor mat.

All day yesterday Margaret and I played with words and how powerful the images are.
The first animation were figures, line shapes walking around with words swirling and moving around inside of them. Every time they spoke “their story” the words came from their mouth and left the inside of them. The capacity of words lowered. Like a fluid that becomes less and less.

As the day progressed we spoke about how some words are the balls and chain wrapped around the victim's feet. Every time they speak their: “Poor woe is me” story- the ball and chain become bigger.

Then Margaret came up with the best animation idea. When a person speaks from love- from the heart- the words come from the mouth and give them wings.

Make the choice to soar- use he(art) words!

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