Friday, January 31, 2014

Wooohoooooooo!!! I have arrived!

It is all coming to-get-her.

I should have taken pictures for you. As I was doing INCREDIBLE art- I thought about you- my friend- reading this,  trying to understand what I was doing. I couldn’t stop the process, my hands were covered in vasaline, then plaster, then the chisel and hammer …and I couldn’t stop.

Art reflects life…life reflects art.

Before Christmas break I created a sculpture that was my torso. It had nice shaped breast and a fabulous bum. The nipples stood out as if it were cold. The back was arched and gloriously strong. I finally felt good about my art…I finally felt good about me.

I created me- then I poured a mold so that I might make art that really IS spectacular. I had to use a chisel and hammer to release the dried clay torso from its mold. Think about that for a minute. I was releasing the old me- breaking her apart- so that the new mold of me could be made. IF that isn’t transcending art. I do not know what is. The new me- has arrived!!!


I have come light years –transforming to a point where I now KNOW I am worth spending time and money on myself. I am one of those women who hardly does things for myself, my sisters (waving) get manicures or pedicures or facials. Me- nada. I am not sure why I never felt I was worth these things…but times they are a changing! (grinning)

I always purchased things second hand, or thought about having nice things- however never reached out and claimed them. I am RICH in that I know NOW, what I am about. I see my reflection out of the corner of my eye and am impressed with the straight back, the strength of my stride.
I like myself now. No, I Love myself now.

Every body says; “Love yourself” I even roll my own eyes at it, However, I love myself enough to treat myself like I would my loves. I am ready to treat myself as I treat my children. I have ALWAYS put them first. And now, I am ready to put myself right along beside them.

I walk into the coliseum of my mind, in a vest, with a special made collar, one that Candice Bergman would wear. (grinning) I have high waist black slacks on that flows easily as I walk. My stride is confident,  and my hands hold energy- balls of perfect light. I see a few friends that have been with me- through out this journey! I hug them and caress their face- looking deep into their eyes- seeing through them. When I have hugged my trusty Loves I turn to the “thinking men” who occupy the stadium of my mind.
They have been waiting along time for this. The thinking men rise from their slumber, they have missed me. (I have missed me) and they applaud and stomp their feet and cheer for me. I give them me, I swirl about in a glorious circle- swirling until the ball of energy in each hand grows to encompass the coliseum.
The light slams into the clay men turning them into magical men of light!!! They jump up and down and rush toward me- picking me up- throwing me in the air.
I am laughing as they carry me out …

They have finally gotten me

We are all to-get-her.
Wooohooooooo!!! We are all one!

I am sooooo in LOVE with LIFE!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I am grinning because you are reading this! 
If you know me- then you know how I love to hug.

Lots of people ask me- why are you so happy?

(Pulling you to your feet- and hugging you sooo tight that you start laughing)

I want you to be happy. I want you to “get it” –so you can be grinning and dancing every day as you head out your front door -- as you go about your day-like I do!

What you imagine- what you think about day in and day out will manifest itself into your life.
If you are saying: “I want” statements- it comes from a needy place- and that isn’t going to bring those things to you.
You need to see yourself already there.

Imagine what you desire to be- see it with all of your senses. Use your imagination- or image in action.
Visualize yourself already there.

It takes time for the energy of that image to sink deep into your spirit. Keep focusing on you being healthier, on your being abundant and believe in those images. Rest in the knowing that they will manifest into your reality.

There is one aspect of this- that many people are not aware of. It is the “doing”.
Every day- do an action that helps you become what you desire.
If it is sharpening your mental tools, perhaps taking a class, then do so. If it is walking 20 minutes a day, do that. If it is doing push ups in your bed before you get up in the morning, then go ahead--- one little thing will make you FEEL marvelous!!!

The mind has the power over your actions.

A good friend (waving) went to an acupuncturist and her doctor said: Be aware- focus- and ignore.

Good advice.

Soaring beside you.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Go fish!

Original doodle art- created using Photoshop....Playing
By Yours Truly-(grinning) 
The fish wanted to be born. I played in photoshop and returned to the fish. I have been playing with the symbol of the fish for ages.
I let the spirit move me…and I played. Then I played with the smudge tool – and viola you have- what you see.
I sat looking and then wondered what the fish might mean. So I picked up my trusting “Medicine Cards” book…and went looking for a fish.

The salmon.
“Keeper of inner knowing,
Illuminate all that I can see,
Fill me with love of learning,
Life’s sacred wisdom offered to me.”

In summary, the salmon teaches us to go back to our beginnings. To finish what we started. The lesson is about honoring every experience as a lesson to learn from.

It might not be an easy swim. However, you can achieve what you KNOW is right.

 “Behave in a manner which honors your path.”

The fish is also a symbol that represents Christianity. It is a part of who I am. 

(laughing) I used to love fishing as a little girl. The best tasting fish was fresh fish- that we had caught.

One summer while vacationing at our Aunt’s beach house we fished with a huge net. The net was secured on either end on large wooden poles. We would walk out and pull in a great catch. It was an incredible feeling- to see what gifts the sea would provide. And those fish were so yummy!

I have no points. I am rambling like always…Just chilling with you. Thinking of honoring wisdom, and loving learning.

Tuesday- I start back -WELDING!!! Woohoooo!!! What box is my mask in?! Got to go find it-Love you!!

(smiling sigh) Thank you for taking the time to stop in…and read…

Love the way you support me! (hugging you tight)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Original Art "Grace" by Judith Parsons
16" x 12 " x 14" 
The past four months I went back to college. It was my first semester and it was heaven!  I grew my wings and learned to fly above the clouds, in God’s pure light. 

I created “Grace.”

I have always loved the swan. When I learned to draw the shape of the number two-- I fell in love. It curves exquisitely and is a glorious shape.
As a young adult I learned about the “Medicine Cards” - animals which represent lessons and the swans lesson could not be more perfect.

The swan, according to Jamie Sams and David Carson symbolizes GRACE. The medicine card tells us to relax and stop resisting self-transformation. The ugly duckling becomes the Swan, following passion, entering sacred space-bringing eternal grace. (1988- Medicine Cards)

We all know Grace. How it looks upon someone. There is a quiet divine serene glow about them. They trust that everything is perfect. They are shining lights of positivity. They smile easily and often. Thats me...and I want you to have it too!

The swan rest inside the wings. They are separate, yet integral to one another. The wings are half hearts. The swan is peaking out from behind her wing. She is becoming.

Heaven is doing your passion, heaven is creating grace, heaven is studying something you so thoroughly love- that you loose all time.

I wish for you heaven. I want you to DO what you love to do. Soar in it- RUN toward it—run sooo fast that you take off and soar!

God knows LIFE is INCREDIBLE!!! Woohoooooo!!! Soaring beside you!! I love you!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

David shines!

My son, David sent me a video- which I am sharing with you.

When Dave was young. He would save incredible quotes and at Christmas give to me as a gift. I treasured those gifts above all else. He understands my love of words, he understands the wild and untamed side of me.

As an adult he sends me videos. We all have our alter egos and mine would be wearing leather and riding a polished chrome motorcycle. (smiling sigh) He knows that about me. He grew up always wanting to fulfill his own fantasies. 

He knows the artist in me. He knows how 'all or nothing' I am. He KNOWS- that the words below ARE exactly how I feel about my art and sculptures.

David shares the same glint- that passionate sparkle in his eye - that I have. When he is creating -watch out- step back and let the man BECOME.

Yep...I am very proud to introduce you to my son, David. A driven intelligent and very handsome young man...

Who knows- maybe one day- we will have a mother-son cross country run.( I promise I will paint cool designs upon the helmets- so you will know it is us.)

Keep soaring!!!

p.s.-Thank you David. You really know how to find incredible inspiring videos!!!
Below- are the words to the vid!
The Glint

There is light that never goes out
it dwells deep inside us...
giving us motivation and shaping our path
that light is the flicker of creation
the spark of an idea
the outline of a design
it is the desire that stokes our passions
making us strive to go further
this eternal fire
feeds out dreams
and puts a glint in our eye 
it is the energy
that ignites our creativity
it fills the land
it shapes and gives life to the
medium being crafted
every creation is imbued with the being that created it
as if the
medium is breathing in the spirit of the craftsman
ism't that the most beautiful way
of leaving a trace of our existence
of our time on this earth
to create is the
is the only way to traverse time
to wander through the ages
the only way to become immortal
become immortal
to become infinite
if this light goes out we die

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hope springs a kernel!

Original art created by Judith Parsons
It was something William Shatner said at the end of a television show I watch.

I burst out laughing. The dialogue that ends the show is always entertaining and thought provoking.  He went on to explain that farmers hope in the spring that the corn will grow. (grinning) The other actor corrected him and said:

“Hope springs eternal.” Then he thought about it- cocked his head a bit and then said- “Maybe you are right.”

Being in San Francisco I am blessed with eternal sun shine and glorious weather. It feels like spring here. I have not been bogged down with the cold crunching debilitating winter that most of you are experiencing. 
It is another world here. 
(Except for the depression of my friends who wanted their team to continue on to the Super bowl…all is well here in the land of the gold rush)

People rush here for a complete change. The city changes you, walking all over God’s creation to get around. Carrying your groceries REALLY makes one question his/her consumption. Being in good shape is how the city changes you.

You want to be smaller in size, because you are carrying your own weight –plus groceries all over town. A half gallon of milk weights A LOT! Especially walking up hill!!

I initially was going to write about coming to San Fran to be a reverent artist. I needed a complete break from my past to get to like myself on my own. And (gulping and sighing) I realize I like myself with OUT additives. I like myself more- free from wine. I need to reassess what wine does for me.

I have two of me now. One, the drinker who sleeps away her reality and hides from her “becoming”.  then  the other, she sits up late into the night creating cardboard sculpture designs for the future art she will create.

The second one is in the state of becoming. I like her A LOT. I like the “vigilant discipline” in her heart. I had to be ALONE- to decide what I liked about me—what I liked about the world. Sometimes it is easier to make a list of the things you don’t like. Hopefully, it is a shorter list.

And- ask Kathy(waving) – I love love love everything and everybody! She asked me ages ago-how many times I said “love” in a day. 

I love y’all…I do.

Keep singing!!! If  you don’t use it – you loose it… Singing helps heal the body- releasing the tension and the stress.- Find a song- go back to when you were a little innocent silly child- find that song.
I am a sun beam….and smile. And sing your heart out!!

Hope springs a kernel!