Monday, March 24, 2014

The Delta Dawn Diet!

The Delta Dawn Diet!

If you know this song- Delta Dawn, by Tanya Tucker...then you are going to laugh.

"All the folks around Brownsville say she's crazy
'Cause she walks down town with a suitcase in her hand
Looking for a mysterious dark- haired man."

All week- I have been dragging my luggage around. I have been transporting stuff from one part of town to anther part of town. it is my NEW "Delta Dawn" get stronger exercise program!

(smiling) It is certain to eliminate those flabby under arm muscles and tighten them right up!

Oh!!! IF you want to have great biceps- then travel upon BART in the morning! You stand holding on for dear life- as the subway train takes off and stops- the whole city HAS gorgeous biceps!!
Just do the commute!!! (grinning)

Everything is a blessin- lesson...It just is. Keep singing- Keep shining- Keep being pure LOVE!!!

And if some one blows you off- doesn't reciprocate in the manner that you feel - You need. Then keep flying...leave them standing there looking at you fly away.

Its simple...So simple.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Art Spring Equinox

Good morning Beautiful Luvs!!!

 Happy Spring Equinox! 

Last night was the darkness night, and we are turning the corner on the cold frozen dormant season of our soul. We are sighing as the warm moist earth thaws, happy to be upon this realm for another season of growth.

The light filters through a tree and shines upon my new bedroom wall. I was living in the city, in a small room, with no real window to speak of. Sure- it looked like a window- but all one could see was a brick wall and the window barely opened. So fresh air was minimal.

It is a good week for starting a new. For going through boxes and deciding what to sell- what to trash and what to keep. I am going through a huge re-birth. Because I lost my wallet. Maybe art reflects life- life reflects art. I have been calling banks- calling places to see what I needed to do- to reorder all the things that helped “identify” me. Thank the Dear Lord- I still have my passport. It was the last thing I owned that said- I was me.

I was me.
Hmmmmmm. I am a new me.

When I lived in Monterey, CA 15 years ago I remember taking photos like the one you see above. It was my fist glimpse into the other realm of seeing. There is much to be seen in the shadows of light. The tree filtered the light just like the one you see above. And I was obsessed with the light- and the shapes and the people and faces that would appear.

I embrace the shadows now. The lessons. I sigh openly and smile- knowing there is much to be learned form the shadows. And I do not throw things away. I generally try and reuse things. I have a difficult time throwing things away.

Now though, I purchase things carefully. Keeping in mind that I will have them for a very long time in my life.  I think about people like that too. I don’t want to let old relationships go. I have a huge family of friends in Louisiana (waving to Karen, Jenn, Terry and Kathy) and they are connected to me. I want to stay connected.
Please don’t let me go.

I am blessed to have sweet Loves in my life. I will be making the second angel wing in wax today. Wooohoooo!!! Life is glorious!! I have fresh air- pure sunlight- and a friend to share my meals with.

I am blessed to have a room with a glorious view! A room with a glorious large window that lets the sun shine and the sweet cool breeze in! I am blessed to come home to a place where I can share a meal and cook!! My room mate says friends are welcome to come visit! (keep me in mind)

Oh- oh- oh...Let us keep thinking- healing arts center- next to a beach…Let us all grow stronger to-get-her….

I love y’all!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Monks..spiritual guides- and sacred places.

I have not yet done the research…However, I think I will look up places to travel to- - that are so special- so intense—you weep.

As I have aged, I have discovered the spirit that watches over the spirit –that watches over me. Its a Trinity sort of infinity. (smiling)

My art is sacred to me. You few people that purchased my doodles over the summer know how intense those lines were. Those lines SAVED me. Yep. They were lines of drugs in a sense…The dots…the dashes and connected black against the white paper- that saved me from my lowest self.

Admittedly, I do not do conflict. I am not sure I will ever learn to use my voice in defense of myself. I would much rather- walk away. Hide- Seek solace in myself.

That brings me back to the monk in me. (Monkey in me) I hide in my art. (smiling) I see a little clay me- with glasses upon my face- peeking from behind a cathedral door. Hmmm…She –the muse- is laughing at me now. Lordy mercy- this is even confusing me. (laughing)

I guess- there is a part of me- that loves freedom. The part of me- that will always want to go hide in the forest—or want to climb a tree…no internet…no nothing…roughing it. Maybe its just me- an mid term exams that are struggling against the art that won’t let me sleep. Whatever it is…it is.

Yes, I will come back to you. Yes, I will come back into the world of artist and thinking and drinkers…and facebookians… Yes, I will always fly back to your tree.

Going to work on some bronze wings!! Wooohoooo!!! Soaring!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

LOVE your energy!!!

 Last night was an incredible night of energy!!!

Thank you Janice (waving) for joining me along the art street fair last night!! I was so stimulated with art images that I couldn’t sleep!

I tossed and turned and dreamed of art. Dreamed isn’t the right word. Because just as I would fall asleep. Another art image would pop into my head. My eyes would open and I would whisper to myself: “Wow!”

And I would think about the woman torso and how to suspend her…and how to create the puzzle that is me- and convey to you- the viewer how complicated I am…as I am my art. And how complicated and involved art is. The only way I can convey the labor of love that art is --is to create it beside you.
We need to start thinking of creating art beside one another.
Yep- you and me. Making art. What fun it will be!

And the process of creating art is so incredibly divine that it leaves me stunned- and not able to sleep.

I let the energy wash over me like a young river. I laid upon the stream of thought and let it take me whilst it wanted.

The muse is the electric current of thought. We spark one another on. The energy flows toward the ocean of ONE and we all flow along the young river of life. The river of energy flows fast- it is a hungry river of wanting to become.

Everything is art- everything reflects art- it swirls and dips and dives into flies and moves...IT MOVES!!! Art is constantly changing- dancing -growing- becoming---all based upon our OWN cognitive processing!! Ooooooh- It is magic!!! (grinning)

It rushes toward the ocean of ALL and pulses so wonderfully- we feel it as we let it carry us- riding the wonderful wild currents- the rapids of art!
Turning feet to help protect against any debris that might be in the river-
We deflect it…
And you smile…and whoop it up as we are all riding along-
enjoying the current of LOVE and LIGHT!!!!

Sure there are pockets of quiet water- where the water does not rush – where one can rest- if one so desires…

I am making up for lost time. I have lived most of my life- a quiet artist…
NOW…I am so much more!!! Wooohooooo!!!

Make unforgettable memories!!!
Think about a healing arts center- where would you like a place to create art?

Think of a place to howl at the moon- a place you can sit around a camp fire and create ART?!

Let us plant some seeds for living our best life!!! As we transition from a 40 hour desk job- to another place of fulfillment- let us think...and plan upon a life of creative love! Beside you- soaring –swimming- singing in the electric soothing waters of Love!!! Growing stronger every day!!!

 Ramblings with no points...just curvy wild hips of Love!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We are more connected than we know!!

Today was a day that proved we are all more connected than we know.

I was speaking with a artist friend who is in fashion, and showed him my lastest sculpture. You might have seen it- it has a cube that is an opening in her center.

It is the first in a series of torso’s. As I explained that the stomach chakra is where we general feel strong emotions: Good emotions like-“I was so excited I had butterflies in my belly.”  Or when we feel something isn’t exactly right:” I felt in my gut that it wasn’t right.”

The empty space…the void is nothing- yet it is everything. It is the duality and the paradoxical space of becoming.

It is the place where a child is born. It is a place where art is born. It is the beginning place of emotions.

Anywho- this gentleman artist friend proceeded to tell me his dream. He said it was like a vision, 2 people walking with holes in their stomachs. It influenced him so much that he created a fashion line of clothing.

He showed me his designs and I was astounded. We smiled at one another- and I said: “We are sooooo much more connected than we know.”

We grinned at one another in agreement….

Wow! Life is grand…we are more connected than we know…

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lighting a candle of You

I didn't know how much I really loved candles until I moved into a place- in the city of San Francisco- that forbid them. I signed a lease and sighed...and kept my promise not to light candles.

This past weekend - I was thrilled with the ritual of candles. I purchased 4 lavender candles and was ecstatic to be able to burn them. Thank you Janice for letting me ramble on about them.

I learned from my Beloved Anita (waving) that we should honor the light. When she lights a candle she says something along the lines of this: "God brought light into this world- please bring light into my life." I love that!!! I will always remember the first time Anita lit a candle beside me- her face aglow with the light.

There is an authentic presence to lighting fire. Perhaps we are all connected to the primitive cave man- and to the warmth of it. I get lost in the flames of a camp fire or in our neighborhood- huge bon fires! The fire made shapes and faces that astounded me- I bet Rebecca and Liz still remember the early photos--a very unusual  face appeared- and it has always remained with me. Were we living close to burial grounds? (smiling)

There were may nights we sat beside fires- clinking glasses and watching the swirling smoke rise. I do plan to do it again...and I want to laugh and sing and be just as howling crazy!

There is something extra special about flames- all kinds! My Luvs knows my love of candles. I would fill the house with candles on Christmas eve, and we would stay up celebrating and telling stories.

I created a sculpture- some of my closest girl friends remember how we added colored string to the piece of art-we lit candles. It made it a ritual! That memory stays with me. You want me to remember something- then please light some candles. (grinning) I still have her-the sculpture- she is at my dad's place..chill-laxing waiting for my return.

There are candle lit memories that will always remain with me- and huge- GLORIOUS fires that I can still see my loves across the sparks- the heat and heart of the flame...I have neighbors from long ago that are with me every time I light a candle.

When it is time to blow out the candle, I have a ritual of planting seeds of intentions. And then I add my own little request- that the smoke rises and tickles the feet of God- and he sees my request and smiles upon me.

Bring your own rituals back to LIGHT!! Bring the love and light back home. I miss my Louisiana friends- (I am pulling you into a huge hug) God knows I miss you!!! Enjoy the season!! Enjoy the Love- the King cake- the fires of love...

These are just a few of my loves...
David- Margaret- Rost-Anita- Patrick- Teresa- Helen- Margaret-Alex-Karen-Lynn-Ken-Helen-Tom- Jack- Marie  Mychal- Arvin-Mykayla- Diane- Bennie-Liz-Becca- Steve-Davie- Emma-Meghan-Brenton-Donna- Terry- Steve- Karen- Greg-Craig-Katie- Kathy-Kim-Richard-Richy- Leon-Edda and Larry- our neighbors on the bayou...

I bow my head before each meal and ask the Lord to Bless the missing parts of my family...YOU are blessed...(and your children as well...the list might have gone on for days- if I started listing children and grandchildren...just saying...

I love y'all!

(Dr.E...I look forward to seeing you across the fire!)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Grew up loving these red haired sweet Luvs!

Yesterday walking in town a gentleman was walking his Irish setter dog and when the dog and I made contact the world in that instance was transformed into a delightful cascade of loving memories.

I bent down and rubbed the beautiful red shiny red coat- I whispered to her sweet loving coos and the dog was grinning and wagging her body happy to see me. She reminded me of all the dogs we had growing up and she reminded me of my first dog as a married military wife.

I was home alone with my Irish setter Maggie- we would walk to the water and play fetch. I was amazed she returned the ball- non of the Irish setters we had growing up EVER retrieved the ball.

I think Maggie knew she was a rescued dog from the pound and she was determined to be the best dog ever. She was an incredible dog.

As I petted this strange dog that I met upon the street- I stood up- and she- the dog put her paws upon my shoulders- and I hugged her and started crying….It was a flood of tears. The gentleman asked if I was alright- and the dog was licking my face..and I started laughing- mixed with crying. I was a glorified mess.

I felt that dog- was my Maggie- reborn into another dog. Maybe all dogs bring the others stories with them- so when they recognize a true dog lover- they do what that glorious Irish setter did… Poured the love on…