Thursday, March 20, 2014

Art Spring Equinox

Good morning Beautiful Luvs!!!

 Happy Spring Equinox! 

Last night was the darkness night, and we are turning the corner on the cold frozen dormant season of our soul. We are sighing as the warm moist earth thaws, happy to be upon this realm for another season of growth.

The light filters through a tree and shines upon my new bedroom wall. I was living in the city, in a small room, with no real window to speak of. Sure- it looked like a window- but all one could see was a brick wall and the window barely opened. So fresh air was minimal.

It is a good week for starting a new. For going through boxes and deciding what to sell- what to trash and what to keep. I am going through a huge re-birth. Because I lost my wallet. Maybe art reflects life- life reflects art. I have been calling banks- calling places to see what I needed to do- to reorder all the things that helped “identify” me. Thank the Dear Lord- I still have my passport. It was the last thing I owned that said- I was me.

I was me.
Hmmmmmm. I am a new me.

When I lived in Monterey, CA 15 years ago I remember taking photos like the one you see above. It was my fist glimpse into the other realm of seeing. There is much to be seen in the shadows of light. The tree filtered the light just like the one you see above. And I was obsessed with the light- and the shapes and the people and faces that would appear.

I embrace the shadows now. The lessons. I sigh openly and smile- knowing there is much to be learned form the shadows. And I do not throw things away. I generally try and reuse things. I have a difficult time throwing things away.

Now though, I purchase things carefully. Keeping in mind that I will have them for a very long time in my life.  I think about people like that too. I don’t want to let old relationships go. I have a huge family of friends in Louisiana (waving to Karen, Jenn, Terry and Kathy) and they are connected to me. I want to stay connected.
Please don’t let me go.

I am blessed to have sweet Loves in my life. I will be making the second angel wing in wax today. Wooohoooo!!! Life is glorious!! I have fresh air- pure sunlight- and a friend to share my meals with.

I am blessed to have a room with a glorious view! A room with a glorious large window that lets the sun shine and the sweet cool breeze in! I am blessed to come home to a place where I can share a meal and cook!! My room mate says friends are welcome to come visit! (keep me in mind)

Oh- oh- oh...Let us keep thinking- healing arts center- next to a beach…Let us all grow stronger to-get-her….

I love y’all!!!

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