Sunday, March 2, 2014

Grew up loving these red haired sweet Luvs!

Yesterday walking in town a gentleman was walking his Irish setter dog and when the dog and I made contact the world in that instance was transformed into a delightful cascade of loving memories.

I bent down and rubbed the beautiful red shiny red coat- I whispered to her sweet loving coos and the dog was grinning and wagging her body happy to see me. She reminded me of all the dogs we had growing up and she reminded me of my first dog as a married military wife.

I was home alone with my Irish setter Maggie- we would walk to the water and play fetch. I was amazed she returned the ball- non of the Irish setters we had growing up EVER retrieved the ball.

I think Maggie knew she was a rescued dog from the pound and she was determined to be the best dog ever. She was an incredible dog.

As I petted this strange dog that I met upon the street- I stood up- and she- the dog put her paws upon my shoulders- and I hugged her and started crying….It was a flood of tears. The gentleman asked if I was alright- and the dog was licking my face..and I started laughing- mixed with crying. I was a glorified mess.

I felt that dog- was my Maggie- reborn into another dog. Maybe all dogs bring the others stories with them- so when they recognize a true dog lover- they do what that glorious Irish setter did… Poured the love on…

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