Friday, March 14, 2014

Monks..spiritual guides- and sacred places.

I have not yet done the research…However, I think I will look up places to travel to- - that are so special- so intense—you weep.

As I have aged, I have discovered the spirit that watches over the spirit –that watches over me. Its a Trinity sort of infinity. (smiling)

My art is sacred to me. You few people that purchased my doodles over the summer know how intense those lines were. Those lines SAVED me. Yep. They were lines of drugs in a sense…The dots…the dashes and connected black against the white paper- that saved me from my lowest self.

Admittedly, I do not do conflict. I am not sure I will ever learn to use my voice in defense of myself. I would much rather- walk away. Hide- Seek solace in myself.

That brings me back to the monk in me. (Monkey in me) I hide in my art. (smiling) I see a little clay me- with glasses upon my face- peeking from behind a cathedral door. Hmmm…She –the muse- is laughing at me now. Lordy mercy- this is even confusing me. (laughing)

I guess- there is a part of me- that loves freedom. The part of me- that will always want to go hide in the forest—or want to climb a tree…no internet…no nothing…roughing it. Maybe its just me- an mid term exams that are struggling against the art that won’t let me sleep. Whatever it is…it is.

Yes, I will come back to you. Yes, I will come back into the world of artist and thinking and drinkers…and facebookians… Yes, I will always fly back to your tree.

Going to work on some bronze wings!! Wooohoooo!!! Soaring!

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