Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weaving magical art

Photograph by: Robert Hendry 2014
Composition and design by Judith Parsons Art 2014
 Todays ramblings brought to you by the spider.  The magnificent photo was taken by Nature photographer Robert Hendry. (Message me or Ina Hendry and we can discuss pricing) 

I took his spider photo and created this. I am into sacred geometry these days, so it is influencing my graphic design work.

Thank you Robert for taking such incredible photos! I look forward to creating sacred geometry art with your photos.

We are all woven into one another. As we weave our art and poems and live our best lives we chris cross and over lap energies of love and light.

We are weaving safety nets underneath us, so that we may unfurl our wings and fly. If we don’t first succeed, we continue trying and continue flying. We are all connected, we need to weave love and light and support one another.

Ask and it shall be given. Weave with what is given, create your world and be proud of it. Stand straight and tall, be proud of who you are becoming… in the light!

According to Jamie Sams and David Carson the Spider is the ultimate weaver, the first to create an alphabet, the angles of her web the earliest letters. The spider wove the dream of the world into existence.She is also the symbol “for infinite possibilities of creation.”
The spider tells us to create and keep creating. The spider might also be telling us we are becoming to entangled into a web of illusions. By weaving our own words and creating our own 
art we need not fear the web of fear.

Medicine Cards- by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thank you Maggie!!

Today’s blog brought to you with the help of Maggie Lester. Her photos of dad were the last images I have of him. She was fooling around with dad, asking him to make funny faces at the camera. I adore Maggie and her wonderful sense of humor, I love the way she made him laugh! These photos show dad laughing- and that is how I want to remember him! ((Hugging you Maggie- you are an angel!!))

I have spent the past days with family. We gathered to pay tribute to our dad. I hugged my daughter and missed my son. I even wished to hug my ex-husband. As my father’s memorial service was held in the same place we were married. (sighing)

I have seen old friends that I did not know how much I missed until I hugged them. I have held them with tears spilling quietly and hugged them tight.

It was good to hug and talk to Curtis Lewis, whose sister, Nan, sang at my wedding. We have all aged into our parents. He looks just like his dad. Mr. Roberts still gives the best hugs in the whole wide world! And Doyle Fox is still a stylish charming man. Caroline Yonke Pierce is the same, and has the same smile and laugh I remember from 30 years ago. When I heard her laugh, I knew that mom and dad were gazing down from heaven smiling. There was much loved shared because we cared enough to gather for dad.

I do not know when I shall see these loves again. These folks I grew up with and that I sang with. I blink back the tears, now, even as this “coming home” has changed me forever.

Perhaps it is the coming back, walking through the door you have walked through a million times. Yet this time, it is forever different. The parents have left the building, they have gone to the next realm, they are singing in heaven together.

The old home place, where we sang in the kitchen needs tender loving care. The oldest nephew, who carries my dads name has to decide if he can walk the walk. This is a time where words just will not do. The words have to be made flesh. It will be interesting to see how the future unfolds.

I removed as much as I could afford and placed myself in storage. Paintings and sculptures sit in a 5 x 10 place. I could feel the energy of the art work, my babies - sighing. Time is an illusion- the paintings seem to know that. Though, my heart aches to have to close them in the dark again.

Thank you again for all your love. The world is forever changed when parents pass. It is up to us, the ones left behind—to create a loving and laughing world. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spirit Source

It has been along time since I have sat beside a glorious fire. Last night my sister Helen and her husband Tom, (waving) made a beautiful fire for us to gather beside. 

There is something magical about an open fire. The wind in the trees and the light of the fire reflecting in the faces of family. The smiles are brighter and eyes twinkling. It sounds sort of goofy- (grinning) when I use that word: “twinkling”…and I am chuckling at it.

It is as if I expect Tinker Bell to pop out from behind a tree and say: “Clap if you believe.” 

I believe in our hearts-and in love. We all carry the flame of Love within us. Our source energy is a fire, we want to share the warmth of Love. To spark others on. We triumph in Love.

The Tinker Bell thought flows into two more thoughts: 1) I am a “clapper”…Grand mom was a clapper too. And well, dog gone it, we are what we come from. Appreciate the people in your life—be passionate with your enthusiasm!

And another thought: … 2.) I believe in everything! 

Hm-m-m-m…how do I explain that HUGE sentence?

Maybe- I will leave it dangling there…like the leaf that isn’t ready to drop from the tree in fall. It wants to hang on. (grinning)

Back to last night.

Before dinner we sat outside, enjoying one another around the fire. It was great to sit and talk and listen to Helen and Tom. They are a hoot-the way they converse. It is a joy to see them happy, laughing and smiling.

In the lulls of quiet, the fire would whisper its loving hello. It had missed me and I had missed her. The normal charcoal faces in the fire showed up- they always do. My family had bon fires, and some of our best memories involved fire. I look over my shoulder at those times—and smile. I cherish those memories now. And am glad that we had them.

I think of my Louisiana friends beside the bayou, the Blue Duck club (grinning) and hug you all!

I gulp and blink back tears, they ride along the memories knowing we will make more and I trust in the future of the fire. It is a calm feeling, a “knowing” that everything is happening and has happened to make us stronger.

I am blessed and eternally grateful for the past love I have had in my life, for the love I presently have and for the futures loves yet to be.

Later that evening, as the coals had died down and they were perfect for roasting marshmallows, Helen and I went back outside. We ate the marshmallows- that were sticky and wonderful. And we were gifted with the sound of an owl calling out. It was a beautiful moment. We both smiled at one another and I assured Helen that her insightful thoughts on gratefulness were on the right track-as the owl had joined in and added his exclamation point.

It was a perfect night and perfect fire…with perfect companions. I could not have asked for a more beautiful evening. Thank you Helen and Tom (hugging you both). 

I will end here- please be careful out there—in the holiday traffic. And light a candle for me. And I will light one for you!

(((As you light candles this Thanksgiving say these words: “God brought light into this world, bring light into my life.” Anita, my Spiritual Reiki priestess taught me this. (waving) and know that I will be doing the same thing. We ALL will be lighting our spiritual candles of Love…The Spiritual Source of our hearts.)))

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Ina

Eagle photo by Robert Hendry 2014
Composition by crazy wild Judy
Between asleep and awake I hear the thought: “Make Ina a birthday chair bow.” I blink awake and think-Mom?

Sure enough at 5am- my mom is whispering to me to use the paper I brought with me—I wasn’t sure why I was carrying it around- for a week…but then I knew. It was for Ina.

Today is Ina Thompson Hendry’s birthday. Her age is endless- to me she is the little tree climbing wild teen that lived across the street. She has a heart of gold and always comes to my rescue. (Waving at Ina)

She is my “Remembering warrior angel” Picture a tall woman with sword in one hand- wings upon her back and a mischievous smile. She has a sparkle in her eye- and she is ready to do something that might be considered “wild”…I won’t reveal any more than that. 
(We all need great stories to tell our grand children) Grinning!

The art I created is the photo booth photos we did yesterday after we saw a movie. That will be about as close as you will ever get of getting silly photos of me. Enjoy them- it will probably be another 30 years before more photos are taken.

The eagle photograph was taken by Robert Hendry. The man is an INCREDIBLE photographer…he trudges through the marshes and has extreme patience- taking photos of all sorts of birds. The eagle represents “Grand father spirit” — or God. 

I came home for my father’s funeral. It meant the world to me that Ina came into town to comfort me. (Hugging you Ina) Then I came to her home in Charleston to hang out for a few days. She has a fabulous luxurious home. 

The paper bow is silly…My mom put ribbon on our chair growing up. It was a family tradition. It was a great feeling to be the chosen one- just for that day. Ina, mom awakened me- with that thought- get up- put a bow on her chair. She is with you all the time!

I might not have all the dots connected about where I will live…or what I will be doing my Sweet friend- but I do know- We will ALWAYS be connected!! My best tree climbing wild “Remembering warrior angel” friend.

I love you hon!

We are all more connected than we know!

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self.” ― 

Bhagavad Gita (this quote I picked up from the 21 day meditation series)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Co-creating with Deepak and Oprah

Art created by Judith Parsons Art
Deepak and Oprah- meditation day 19...

Art inspired by blog...
A great meditation series...

Thank you Oprah and Deepak!

Grace Divine

By Judith Parsons Art
I started out creating art for "Divine Grace or Grace Divine"...Then decided to add the capital N...

So it would read -N divine grace...

Then decided to use a photo of my dad, my daughter and niece...when they were young.

So it sort of reads: "No Divine Grace."

It is an interesting place to be. I don't have the heart to talk about everything. I am assimilating the art that is wanting to be birthed after my dad passed.

It is about storage and leaving a part of me behind..leaving lots of parts of me behind.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We-One-Source --Deepak and Oprah

Art by Judith Parsons 2014
odays meditation is “We are one source..”
The art was created with that in mind.

Others happiness and others energy is tied into mine…We are all floating a sea of liquid light. We ebb and flow, the wind of love caresses our surface- we sense one another and care for one another.

I am with family and am grinning from ear to ear —being with people that- for the first time- I am “seeing” on a higher level. I didn’t know how much I missed my crazy family. I am blessed to be with them- even under these circumstances. A death had brought us all back home.

The twinkle in their eyes- the light that shines from them is glorious. I miss my son- I do wish he had come, I even miss my husband. I will say it for all the world to see- I wish that I could hug my ex and tell him I am sorry for all the pain I caused.

(sighing) Even just to hear my ex voice. (sighing) My fingers I blink back tears. My dad knew my ex- and my ex knew dad. For a very long time- they were connected…I shouldn’t say all this. However, I am not up on the protocol of how an ex fits into the family- I miss my father-in-law…And more than ever- I am aware that life is limited.

Love fiercely- even the ex.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Others Happiness-Oprah & Deepak

Original art created just for this blog
By the one and only
Judith Parsons 2014
Today I fly home for my dads funeral. It will be both sad and joyous as I have not seen my family 
for a very long time.
Nothiing surprises me anymore. Anita’s mother says this, and I will adopt it as a part of my thinking. (Waving at Maggie) This meditation seems to be hitting the target on the bullseye,

I created this composition based on Sacred Geometry, my newest and truest love. (grinning) The square represents earth and the circle heaven. I combined them over the word “others’ to convey heaven upon earth.

Both triangles have 3 lines of words in it, representing the Trinity. If you know my work then you know how integral that theme is to me. (smiling). I used the 3 main primary colors to represent LIFE. 

We are all connected. 

As Professor Mark A Reynolds ( always says; “We ALL have a belly button, we really ALL are one!” (waving)

Perhaps one day soon - it will be illegal to fight and make weapons. Perhaps fighting will become purely a computer game with the only blood shed is the red pixels in a game.

This 3am blog is for me. All of them really are. I wonder why in God’s green earth anyone would read my rambling words.

Life is reflecting into an infinite mirror. The lessons of love are immense. (gulping) I wish I had learned this meditation at a younger age. I feel I will forever apologize for the way I lived and loved. I hurt others deeply, and now I am super sensitive to the awareness that ALL hearts are fragile thin glass.

I am learning welding and become more proficient with time. Should we build metal cages to protect our hearts? Hmmmm.

I will leave that question with you. I must get ready to leave San Francisco- to fly home- to hug and hold my family. I am blessed to have been born into this wild crazy loud insane family. Yep- we are just as dysfunctional and  wonderful as your family.

We all seem to know todays meditation:”The happiness of others is my own happiness.”

Always shine, smile, sing and SOAR. When I am flying above the clouds I will be thinking of you.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Art Priestess

Glass art created by Judith Parsons Art 2014
I created this glass art last week. I asked the instructor to take a photo of it for me yesterday, as I was busy preparing to leave town, to fly home for my fathers funeral.

She sent the photo you see. I sent it to my Beloved Anita. Anita asked me if I had added the cool art priestess shape on the glass.  I was like…”huh?” and she started laughing, she thought I was pulling her leg. I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She told me to go look at the glass, that there was a light shape upon the glass- that looked very much like the art I created in red and black beside it.

I was astounded. Wow! Whoa! WhewWeeee….

You see, Art reflects life…Life reflects art. It even happens on a “everything level”…

I will start created glass art again. I would like to offer this as a new series. Please e-mail me at if you are interested in them.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Manifesting Oprah and Deepak

Original one of a kind art.
Created by a one of a kind artist. Judith Parsons 2014.
Manifesting From Your True Self. Today’s topic in Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day meditation series!!

I created this graphic inspired by Oprah and Deepak. I am an artist. So my true self would be about art. Everything I do- see- affect and effects my art.

If you are a writer and words are your medium then everything you perceive acts as fodder for your writing.

All knowledge builds upon knowledge. That is cognitive development. Life is one huge lesson to find your true self.

True self- highest self- smartest self- most aware self. Most creative self.

For my son, who is an aerospace engineer his truest self will involve designing new flying and transporting machines. As he follows his passion for his best invention he will discover his truest self.

For my writer friends, you all look for words which reflect YOUR truest self. Look in the mirror -what words would you use to portray yourself? Serene, divine, full of peace? Mysterious?Energetic, bouncing about like Tigger? Letting the wind blow you about like a seed? Determined. grounded and rooted into mother earth? What words REALLY are you?

We are all upon the same journey. Whether we swim, fly or walk eventually we all end up at the same place.

Sit and rest beside me, under this tree of life…and tell me who you are. We will share some bread and cheese and rest together. Enjoying the journey as we discover ourselves.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Soaring mediations

Wings by Judith Parsons 2014
I have been enjoying the 21 day meditation series by Deepak and Oprah.

They have changed me.

I will not ramble on today. There is no need.

Everything is as it should be.

Soar today from that place of innocence.

Be fully present in your actions.

Smile, sing, shine and soar.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deepak, Oprah and God's Eye.

Original photo and art created by
Judith Parsons Art 2014
If you know me, you know the saying: “Let the spirit move you.” Well last night was that sort of night. The spirit whispered to me in the middle of the night- the window…Look at that shape..the way the cloth drapes, there are 2 layers. Then look at the symbolic ladder, the 2 railing and the third thicker line going upward.

The Trinity. The steps, the ladder- the eye shape…all this is “The Eye of God.”

In the middle of the night I took photographs of that shape. Nope, I wasn’t drinking. The spirit was with me- and I was compelled to take those photos.

I would awaken every few hours. Look at the window- how the light flowed in. It was a peaceful serene feeling.

I took the photo then went back to sleep.

When I awakened this morning I knew exactly how I wanted to portray this window- this eye. No pupil in the center- just lines on the diagonal. The power of the diagonal is incredible. I laugh because an old life saving technique is about the diagonal. 

If you find yourself swimming to shore and you are tiring. You are not moving closer to the shore, then swim diagonally toward the shore. Eventually you will make it back to land. To dry footing.
THAT sort of tid-bit came out of no-where. It is the muse who whispers with her lips next to my ear. It is God. It is life. We just flow.

Back to the image: I took the circle and overlapped it. The Vesica Piscis is the over lapping of two circles, it is the eye shape.

In my middle of the night - in this dark room, “God’s eye”  was the window. There was light outside of this dark walled in space. Even in the darkest time- there is reflective light.

The ladder and stairs are ever present. I find it adorable that I would have a fire escape outside my window. (smiling) I love everything about this life! The way everything aligns and over laps and how connected we all are.

The fluidity of life, of trusting in the "knowing" is what Oprah and Deepak's maditation was about today. I am in awe of life. Last night I took a glass class and was blessed with a God moment. We are ALL incredible lights- all pulsing in God's Eye...We are ALL God's eye!

This is rambling, plain ole rambling…I have no points. All soft curves. 

Have a blessed day sweet friends. 

I wish for the Spirit to move you! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oprah and Deepak--Awareness Focused

First let me jump right in about the meditation—-

When the bell rang--the point of focus was higher than I was. My spirit self- raised from my body and went to where Oprah and Deepak resided. It was like they were meditating inside the sun. I joined them...quietly sitting down in our triangle shape.

As I focused I could see all my friends--all of the people meditating...a better word is "Praying" because they were calm-centered-serene..there were thousands...and thousands quietly joining into the light---which-when I went back to look at the light -it became a sparkling diamond with reflected light. The light became brighter-a tube of light that when straight up--then flared out like a sunflower- many rays of light--turning everything into light....(sighing) WE were ALL the bright light.
It was heaven.
(gulping) I will never forget this.

Back to the blog…My Awareness is Focused

I will be working with glass today. I will take the shapes that I desire to cute, I have the design sort of in my mind. It will center around these words.

Todays meditation is about “focusing ones awareness”. There is a point in art- where we have a plan, we want to create one thing-we think…then the muse, the glorious muse steps in and we are taken over by the “spirit”.

Something else-something greater takes over. Oprah and Deepak use the “source energy”- perhaps they have found the right words to drape the muse in.

Perhaps “She” whomever my highest self is-takes her magical robe and drapes it upon my shoulders. Because art for me, is MAGIC.

Last night I created the swirling squares, I am enjoying my sacred geometry class, by Mark A. Reynolds, it is taking over my art.
Yep. Sacred Geometry IS an entity- a Goddess to bow down to. Sacred Geometry existed before time, heck, she might be married to Mr. Time for all I know. (grinning)

So I create art in photoshop, because I love the series of meditation and I love Sacred Geometry. Both require focus.  

Have a blessed day Sweet Friends. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oprah & Deepak--LeAnn and Helen---Unbounded Awareness

Original art inspired by Oprah and Deepak
Sacred Geometry and bronze wings
Art by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Todays blog brought to you by my sister, my graduate advisor and the meditation series. Seeing is such a multi-faceted diamond.

My sister Helen and I often have deep conversations about religion. As we have grown our discussions have grown as well. Our understanding of one another and our compassion has developed into mutual respect.

We have come full circle. Comforting one another as we see ourselves in our children. The way we have treated our children, the way we have loved our parents is a mirror reflecting itself over and over again.

My children see how I am with dad, they see how I call him and try to be apart of his life. They call me and model the behavior. Over the years it is learned. I suppose they will treat their children the way I have treated them. Perhaps Margaret and David have learned from their friends parents how they do a better job at parenting. And for that I am thankful. Thanking all you friends who have loved my children -like your own!! (hugging you-smiling)

However, we ALL come to that day of “reflection” …The mirror reflecting the mirror sort of “seeing”. 

I just got off the telephone with my advisor and she was so happy to have her glasses back. (Waving) For the longest time she felt the weight of “not seeing”, she was straining so hard to see- what she knew was out there that she gave herself a headache. (smiling) We laughed at how crazy the whole “seeing” ability experience.

As an artist it is CRUCIAL- we see everything from every perspective. When we start seeing the light and shadow—we gasp in awe of it. THIS seeing—this “knowing” LIVES upon another realm. It is a “higher” seeing an “UNBOUNDED AWARENESS”…

Today’s meditation from Oprah and Deepak is about “Unbounded awareness”. It is a place of knowing, a place of understanding that is beyond judgement. It is a place where words need not be spoken. It is “Enlightenment”.

Thank you Helen, Lean and Oprah & Deepak for your incredible lessons of seeing!! Each of you have blessed me with lessons on “seeing”.

Soaring beside you all!!
Life in pretty darn incredible!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bronze wings...Soaring

Bronze wings- 12 inches tall-
Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2014
I am designing the metal that will mount these to the wall. It is a full circle moment as I am using my welding skills to create what will support the wings.

I will take more photos when I have the support made. We all need support. It is a lonely world out there when we go it alone. I wish for all of you support. A family member or a friend that can lend a hand. Someone to call- when you are at your wits end.

I have a vague idea what I will build. The wings were originally designed around a small clay female bodice. The clay was too fragile for the heavy bronze. 

Think about that for a moment. THAT in and of itself is a HUGE lesson! Sometimes our wings are heavy, there are burdens which we try to carry, and yet…we can’t. We HAVE to let them go...give them to God.

THUS, these wings will have the negative space below the curves where the shoulders would have been. We need both the dark -in order to have the light. We must endure the negative which is the other side of positive.

(sighing) Art reflects life. Life reflects art.

If anybody is interested in purchasing these wings- please email me at
Thank you. Always soaring beside you. 

Oprah-Deepak: The Art of Awareness

Original art by Judith Parsons
I worked with the eye last night—I started with the eye of the needle illustration, then I placed it inside of the eye shape. Then I went to bed.

The moon spoke to me, I wrote poetry, then up early to be inspired by Oprah and Deepak. 

It might be hard to see the words, “Ultimate Artist”. However it is there. We are all artists, as my daughter would say- we ourselves are art. Our bodies are art. Our life is art.

Then I listened to Oprah and Deepak and grinned and KNEW todays art was meant to be.
As an artist- We create because we can’t help it.... It is impossible for a true artist NOT be who they are.

Once you take off the blind fold, or blinkers (for you UK readers)—one can not look back.

I am loving every single word of this meditation!! I am inspired!! I am zinging with sculpture ideas!!

THank you Oprah and Deepak, I look forward to working beside you with clay—-letting you create art one day!! I can imagine us laughing as we let the art come to life.

Keep soaring -shining- and smiling!! Love you all!
Heading to sculpt!!! God I love learning!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Deepak and Oprah- Pure Bliss!

I created this art for Deepak and Oprah.

I am taking a "Sacred Geometry" graduate class and using this symbol to convey my gratitude to them.

The meditation series is amazing.


Have a blessed day Oprah and Deepak!!

I can't wait to hug you one day!

Much love and light!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sailing with you dad.

Image for google images.

My father is an incredible man. He worked hard and created art as a hobby. He used a propane torch, he brazed and used flux and he created art. He used to make these awesome wire frame sailboats. The main sail and jib  copper triangles. I watched him like a hawk. His shadow. I became an artist because of him. I am in awe of him. 

He needs your prayers.

I am thinking of my father today. He is faltering. He is deciding right now if he has the strength to to be strong…to continue living.

It is a beautiful and sad place to be. The body is only so strong. It can only go on for so long. It weakens and we become tired—and we stop struggling against the current. We finally float, we lay back upon the waters of life, and we surrender everything.

The ultimate surrender. Then, if we are lucky loved ones come to us..and cradle us against their chest. Like teaching a baby to swim, we hold them, we walk out of the water, we stand upon the sandy bank of the river, we unfurl our wings, we lift our face, and we carry the loved one into heaven, into the center of the sun. Where there is forever warmth and light…

I think of my dad as a young man, I think of him fixing things. He was an excellent fixer of things. Have I told you how I admire people who know how to fix things? (smiling-sighing)
He would fix the lawn mower and do electrical work. and he would magically make the Christmas tree stand straight when no one else could. 

He could make anything. And I was so contend standing beside him outside- as he fixed things. I would had him a tool. I prided myself on knowing what the needle nose pliers looked like, or the difference between a phillips tip or a flat tip upon a screw driver. It was who he was. It was who I became.
Pray for my father, as he struggle with the decision-to stay or go. It is up to him to decide. It is a choice. Living to be an old person is honorable, it takes strength to grow old. It is not for sissy’s.

My father sang in the choir at First Baptist church most of my whole life. He loved music. I leave you with this link…it is to me- what heaven would sound like. It is a glorious piece of art.

As I thought about an image-what could possibly convey to you-the beauty of a man?… AT first I thought -just a black page…with the link of “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber. But then I thought about all of his sail boats..ALL the multiple sculptures he made—over and over again- he created the same sculpture. 
The sail boat. 

It is only fitting then that instead of flying him into the sun- we should sail into the sunset…laughing- drinking…Like we did ages ago—in Tampa. My husband, children, his sister, he and I…drinking champagne. LIVING our fullest life.

I love you dad.

Day 6 Deepak and Oprah -- Attention!!!!

Original Art by Judith Parsons Art -Inspired by Oprah and Deepak. 2014
Day 6

The Power of Attention

“Nothing comes to you willy nilly…What you focus on expands!” Word from
 Oprah Winfrey

“My attention activates my desires.” Deepak and Oprah.
I created this art a day ago. Then I duplicated one panel and adjusted the colors upon it. It expanded. I smiled when I heard Oprah say:”What we focus on expands.” So I added those words to the art.

I would love to teach art, to have an art school for ALL ages. I attend school now- where I am the only white haired person in the fine arts department- that is a student. I am 54 year old. I listened to Oprah say -for most of my life: “Follow your bliss” I did. And am very glad I did.

Art is my passion and life. It keeps me on my toes, I am constantly learning expanding and growing in ways I never thought possible!

I can not wait to take neon in the spring!! I am designing art now—that I will be making. Today I saw a lovely sculpture- inspired by todays meditation.

I had my arms outstretched—with my fingertips touch the forehead of Oprah and Deepak.Oprah had her arms outstretched touch Deepak and My forehead. Deepak had his arms outstretched touching my forehead and Oprah’s forehead. We made a triangle.
WE were the TRINITY! That was the coolest sculpture idea—I am going to try and make it!!
It would be cool to duplicate it- 3 times and over lay the 3 arms—making 3 to the third power..WHICH is the ultimate star shape. Sacred Geometry!!

Woooohooooo!!! It keeps getting better and better!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mark A. Reynolds!! THE Sacred Geometry Professor!!!

Original Art by Judith Parsons Art 2014

I adore Sacred Geometry and Mark A. Reynolds. He is doing his passion. He walks into the class room and grins and I swear the man is 30 years old! 

Maybe it is not politically correct to say publicly -I love the heck out of this dude. But, good god, the man can spin the numbers and create magic!

He showed us how to use 18 degree line to create a rhombus..and then he started connecting the dots…Like a man obsessed- he had lines going ALL over the place!

And the whole class was furiously drawing. Trying to keep up. There was a point when the class drawings were not connecting. The dots not magically aligning and he would stoop and give that student his PURE attention.

THIS guy GETS students..this man OUGHT to be running the school!

I adore the man and his he teaches! HE is passion! He excuses his love for sacred geometry!!

The power is in the diagonal line…I will draw more in photoshop and see if I can capture it!

Soaring beside y’all!

Nov. 6-2014

Pure Potentiality! Inspired by Oprah and Deepak

Original Art and photograph by Judith Parsons Art 2014
I just listened to Oprah and Deepak. Today was about letting go of the things that you want-so that the universe can manifest it into your life.  I want ALOT. (grinning) 

I used to steam roll my way into people’s lives. If you know the younger me—then you know the ricochet off the wall woman that I was. If you know me now…Then you know I have mellowed with age. (grinning-waving)

You might have heard the saying: “What you resist persist.” It is true. It does. It stays in the back of your mind. Until you truly surrender.

I understand now--That divine serenity is how things flow...that the river will flow easily--peacefully quietly...The river when it is in "rapid" mode-only tears down walls...I understand that now.

I surrender ALL now...I lay all the energy -- all the want-- all the ache-and yearning passion--I lay it upon the white thick terry cloth towel of my soul…

It was a glorious meditation...right after I meditated--I took this photograph from my San Francisco window. It was a beautiful sunrise!!!

I felt the highest me--the me with wings place her hands upon my hands..It truly was a "A-w-w-w-w-esome moment" I felt my self give myself a hug hug...she -(me) loved me...

When Deepak said, "See the release"...I had my hands over my belly--and I could see myself standing..I was outside of my body looking at me--the cool thing was the light from my center--from my middle- it radiated outward--like a north-south-east-west compass..the shafts of light came from my center...

It was a gorgeous moment of art...Sighing..smiling-I am shining now--I  am happy now…

Everything is pure potentiality!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sculptural Wings-Soaring

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2014

Soaring silently
High enough to see clearly
Lovely lofty goals
Befitting the queen

You want a magical world?

With ALL of your being

BECOME your best self

Merging with my highest self

I can not believe how fast the meditation was over.

Today my highest witness to myself merged more with me. 
It was a beautiful feeling, I saw my wings, they were as long as I am tall. Meditating I could feel my highest self hugging me- she had her wings wrapped around me...

I am going to design the frame for the wings- using metal...and work on designs using metal and clay and glass--to create the wings!!
THIS inspired my art!!!

THIS helped me see the art- which is life--life is art--they all combine in the Trinity of me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One window--2 perspectives

I saw the moon and thought— Oh what a glorious photograph!! I then tried to capture the moon and the magnificent triangular building- both in one photograph. It was not to be done. I could, and I did take a panoramic view photograph..but it was not as true.

Then, as I sat on the ledge of my window sill. I thought (sighing) how true art reflects lift and life reflects art. I was gifted by God THIS perspective.

What window we choose to view life- IS what life is. This is a prime example! The moon sits in the right photograph- she is bright and brilliant and magnificent. In the left photograph there is a glorious building which personifies San Francisco, we all know it. Yet, it doesn’t have the wild howling moon in it.

Each view is magnificent. Each perspective is glorious. Each is on its own an EXQUISITE each. (grinning)

It is how we crop life. How do we edit ourselves? How do we tell our stories?

Yep, it is simple as choice. How do we view our experiences? How do we box them up- in our cognitive wrapping to convey and gift them to friends? How? Do you make them dramatic? I have a girl friend in Ireland (waving) and she says it is “normal” to exaggerate to tell a good story. She shrugs it off as something natural.

I have a sister who is a stickler for details, she will argue her perspective-as she “saw” it…because, well- we should all see LIFE through her eyes.

(smiling sigh) 

I will tell you what I see, from my perspective. There is a fire escape out side my window. To me, it is the stairway upward, toward heaven. I believe in STAIRS!! I love the symbolization of them!! I see the building upon the left and moon upon the right and I want to climb the stairs toward the moon. 

The beautiful moon has always called to me, cried out to me. She aches and yearns for me. As we both see one another clearly. ALL my girl friends KNOW how I howl at the moon. ALL my girl friends KNOW I see them on full moon nights. We share the silvery blue light from heaven. We smile standing in the imaginary moonlight, beside the warm waters at the beach and we ALL lift our faces to the moon and howl.

Then we bust out in laughter and hug a glorious massive group hug. We become wild warriors for the night. We live next to the beach. We support one another and grow stronger and better every year. We are a house hold of magnificent women who understand the wildness of our souls, we are compassionate CRAZY WILD women…

Just rambling words from one woman's with 2 perspectives.

Soaring in the moonlight…Howling with love!

Oprah-Deepak=Art Being Born

Today is the second day of meditation with Oprah and Deepak… 

It is a glorious 21 day series. I am excited and motivated! Today was about “Desire”…I created this art- after listening to the meditation…

A Reverence for LIFE—for art…and for me- LIFE is ART..

I am continually amazed when I meet people who say they do not have a passion? How can one NOT have a desire and passion for something? It boggles the mind...It blows me away.

I was born INTENSE. That is the easiest explanation. That is all I can think of to say..Maybe we ARE predestined to be- or do a certain task in life. 

Being an artist-suits me..wanting others to do what I do..wanting others to have a glorious-"WOW- I made that moment" Is what desire for me is all about!!

Todays meditation has me “ZINGING” with energy!! 

I will make my dreams come true..With Oprah and Deepak’s help…Dream DO come TRUE!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

George Winston--Musical memories.

A friend posted piano music by George Winston, it was like a world of old friends walked back into my life.

I fell in love with George Winston when I was falling in love with my husband. It was an innocent time, I gulp back the memories. These musical thoughts were stored in a secret hollow of a tree in my mind.

When the music started playing I could see them all zoom and flow like iridescent bubble bees happy to be brought to life.

The music brought back long car trips, walks upon the beach, the cool air of Monterey Bay as I drove back from Santa Cruz. 
(sighing) Was it a simpler time? Was I living my best life? Was I gathering strength so that I could finally Become the artist I am becoming?
As another song of his plays- I smile…Priscilla’s wedding arrives at the fore front of my mind. Aunt Peggy’s house upon the water. The lovely evenings preparing meals, drinking wine with candle light. (gulping back the tears) Wow.

I see the young me- with my baby boy in my lap. She see’s me, she makes eye contact and we smile at one another. I caress her cheek, I kiss her forehead…And we both gulp.

If only I knew then -what I know now.
If only.

My ex-husband, walks into the room…he sees the old me and the young me..and he hugs us both. Oh how I so wish I could hug him. 
I miss you. I know you will not ever respond to my e-mails…I know you want to be rid of me- for all the hurt I caused. 
I am sorry.

I leave you with this song:

Hark how the bells….

The candles we lit on Christmas eve. I promise to leave you alone now. I understand. You didn’t reply- that said it all. I will leave you be.

Think of all the times we smiled…

Closing the wonderful door to a world a millions miles away. The songs haunt me...
(gulping) I suppose I have learned...a million years in a year.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Powerful Spiral

Original Art work by Judith Parsons Art 2014
The spiral is a glorious shape. It is power uncoiling. It is the spring that is about to be sprung. It is the dance the seedling does as it breaks from the soil. It is becoming.

Everything vibrates in energy, everything is changing and growing.

The labels we place upon events, is a choice. The box we place around something can be made of transparent glass, or wood or chicken wire.

What ever we place around something is cropping and editing it. We decide how we want to think, how we label everything.

Life is art. 

We sculpt everyday with our minds.
We decide what medium we create in.

Is it a  soft clay- that doesn’t burn?
Do we create using something that is fun and easy?

Do we challenge ourselves and use metal?
It is hot and dirty and exhilarating!
I could have used the word “scary”…(THAT is what I am talking about. The editing, the cropping or placing boundaries. Chose words that uplift)

Why have labels, why have boundaries? Mainly for a reference point, I suppose.

We like to look at something and have it connect to us.


The power of boundaries. To have them or not?

What ever you decide to do, do it and OWN it. Take responsibility for who you are.

You CAN say “no”. 

You do not have to take negative behavior. You are a King/Queen. You deserve to be treated like one. I expect no less.

You want to soar?
Then lift that beautiful face toward heaven, unfurl those wings…and let us soar and catch the swirling air currents above the clouds.

Life is one amazing powerful spiral!