Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We-One-Source --Deepak and Oprah

Art by Judith Parsons 2014
odays meditation is “We are one source..”
The art was created with that in mind.

Others happiness and others energy is tied into mine…We are all floating a sea of liquid light. We ebb and flow, the wind of love caresses our surface- we sense one another and care for one another.

I am with family and am grinning from ear to ear —being with people that- for the first time- I am “seeing” on a higher level. I didn’t know how much I missed my crazy family. I am blessed to be with them- even under these circumstances. A death had brought us all back home.

The twinkle in their eyes- the light that shines from them is glorious. I miss my son- I do wish he had come, I even miss my husband. I will say it for all the world to see- I wish that I could hug my ex and tell him I am sorry for all the pain I caused.

(sighing) Even just to hear my ex voice. (sighing) My fingers tremble..as I blink back tears. My dad knew my ex- and my ex knew dad. For a very long time- they were connected…I shouldn’t say all this. However, I am not up on the protocol of how an ex fits into the family- I miss my father-in-law…And more than ever- I am aware that life is limited.

Love fiercely- even the ex.

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  1. Beautiful lady .. Just beautiful I miss you , your presence in this post is all I needed though to remind me that we all are under the same sky <3 thank you!