Friday, November 28, 2014

Thank you Maggie!!

Today’s blog brought to you with the help of Maggie Lester. Her photos of dad were the last images I have of him. She was fooling around with dad, asking him to make funny faces at the camera. I adore Maggie and her wonderful sense of humor, I love the way she made him laugh! These photos show dad laughing- and that is how I want to remember him! ((Hugging you Maggie- you are an angel!!))

I have spent the past days with family. We gathered to pay tribute to our dad. I hugged my daughter and missed my son. I even wished to hug my ex-husband. As my father’s memorial service was held in the same place we were married. (sighing)

I have seen old friends that I did not know how much I missed until I hugged them. I have held them with tears spilling quietly and hugged them tight.

It was good to hug and talk to Curtis Lewis, whose sister, Nan, sang at my wedding. We have all aged into our parents. He looks just like his dad. Mr. Roberts still gives the best hugs in the whole wide world! And Doyle Fox is still a stylish charming man. Caroline Yonke Pierce is the same, and has the same smile and laugh I remember from 30 years ago. When I heard her laugh, I knew that mom and dad were gazing down from heaven smiling. There was much loved shared because we cared enough to gather for dad.

I do not know when I shall see these loves again. These folks I grew up with and that I sang with. I blink back the tears, now, even as this “coming home” has changed me forever.

Perhaps it is the coming back, walking through the door you have walked through a million times. Yet this time, it is forever different. The parents have left the building, they have gone to the next realm, they are singing in heaven together.

The old home place, where we sang in the kitchen needs tender loving care. The oldest nephew, who carries my dads name has to decide if he can walk the walk. This is a time where words just will not do. The words have to be made flesh. It will be interesting to see how the future unfolds.

I removed as much as I could afford and placed myself in storage. Paintings and sculptures sit in a 5 x 10 place. I could feel the energy of the art work, my babies - sighing. Time is an illusion- the paintings seem to know that. Though, my heart aches to have to close them in the dark again.

Thank you again for all your love. The world is forever changed when parents pass. It is up to us, the ones left behind—to create a loving and laughing world. 

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