Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spirit Source

It has been along time since I have sat beside a glorious fire. Last night my sister Helen and her husband Tom, (waving) made a beautiful fire for us to gather beside. 

There is something magical about an open fire. The wind in the trees and the light of the fire reflecting in the faces of family. The smiles are brighter and eyes twinkling. It sounds sort of goofy- (grinning) when I use that word: “twinkling”…and I am chuckling at it.

It is as if I expect Tinker Bell to pop out from behind a tree and say: “Clap if you believe.” 

I believe in our hearts-and in love. We all carry the flame of Love within us. Our source energy is a fire, we want to share the warmth of Love. To spark others on. We triumph in Love.

The Tinker Bell thought flows into two more thoughts: 1) I am a “clapper”…Grand mom was a clapper too. And well, dog gone it, we are what we come from. Appreciate the people in your life—be passionate with your enthusiasm!

And another thought: … 2.) I believe in everything! 

Hm-m-m-m…how do I explain that HUGE sentence?

Maybe- I will leave it dangling there…like the leaf that isn’t ready to drop from the tree in fall. It wants to hang on. (grinning)

Back to last night.

Before dinner we sat outside, enjoying one another around the fire. It was great to sit and talk and listen to Helen and Tom. They are a hoot-the way they converse. It is a joy to see them happy, laughing and smiling.

In the lulls of quiet, the fire would whisper its loving hello. It had missed me and I had missed her. The normal charcoal faces in the fire showed up- they always do. My family had bon fires, and some of our best memories involved fire. I look over my shoulder at those times—and smile. I cherish those memories now. And am glad that we had them.

I think of my Louisiana friends beside the bayou, the Blue Duck club (grinning) and hug you all!

I gulp and blink back tears, they ride along the memories knowing we will make more and I trust in the future of the fire. It is a calm feeling, a “knowing” that everything is happening and has happened to make us stronger.

I am blessed and eternally grateful for the past love I have had in my life, for the love I presently have and for the futures loves yet to be.

Later that evening, as the coals had died down and they were perfect for roasting marshmallows, Helen and I went back outside. We ate the marshmallows- that were sticky and wonderful. And we were gifted with the sound of an owl calling out. It was a beautiful moment. We both smiled at one another and I assured Helen that her insightful thoughts on gratefulness were on the right track-as the owl had joined in and added his exclamation point.

It was a perfect night and perfect fire…with perfect companions. I could not have asked for a more beautiful evening. Thank you Helen and Tom (hugging you both). 

I will end here- please be careful out there—in the holiday traffic. And light a candle for me. And I will light one for you!

(((As you light candles this Thanksgiving say these words: “God brought light into this world, bring light into my life.” Anita, my Spiritual Reiki priestess taught me this. (waving) and know that I will be doing the same thing. We ALL will be lighting our spiritual candles of Love…The Spiritual Source of our hearts.)))

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