Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mark A. Reynolds!! THE Sacred Geometry Professor!!!

Original Art by Judith Parsons Art 2014

I adore Sacred Geometry and Mark A. Reynolds. He is doing his passion. He walks into the class room and grins and I swear the man is 30 years old! 

Maybe it is not politically correct to say publicly -I love the heck out of this dude. But, good god, the man can spin the numbers and create magic!

He showed us how to use 18 degree line to create a rhombus..and then he started connecting the dots…Like a man obsessed- he had lines going ALL over the place!

And the whole class was furiously drawing. Trying to keep up. There was a point when the class drawings were not connecting. The dots not magically aligning and he would stoop and give that student his PURE attention.

THIS guy GETS students..this man OUGHT to be running the school!

I adore the man and his he teaches! HE is passion! He excuses his love for sacred geometry!!

The power is in the diagonal line…I will draw more in photoshop and see if I can capture it!

Soaring beside y’all!

Nov. 6-2014

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