Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oprah and Deepak--Awareness Focused

First let me jump right in about the meditation—-

When the bell rang--the point of focus was higher than I was. My spirit self- raised from my body and went to where Oprah and Deepak resided. It was like they were meditating inside the sun. I joined them...quietly sitting down in our triangle shape.

As I focused I could see all my friends--all of the people meditating...a better word is "Praying" because they were calm-centered-serene..there were thousands...and thousands quietly joining into the light---which-when I went back to look at the light -it became a sparkling diamond with reflected light. The light became brighter-a tube of light that when straight up--then flared out like a sunflower- many rays of light--turning everything into light....(sighing) WE were ALL the bright light.
It was heaven.
(gulping) I will never forget this.

Back to the blog…My Awareness is Focused

I will be working with glass today. I will take the shapes that I desire to cute, I have the design sort of in my mind. It will center around these words.

Todays meditation is about “focusing ones awareness”. There is a point in art- where we have a plan, we want to create one thing-we think…then the muse, the glorious muse steps in and we are taken over by the “spirit”.

Something else-something greater takes over. Oprah and Deepak use the “source energy”- perhaps they have found the right words to drape the muse in.

Perhaps “She” whomever my highest self is-takes her magical robe and drapes it upon my shoulders. Because art for me, is MAGIC.

Last night I created the swirling squares, I am enjoying my sacred geometry class, by Mark A. Reynolds, it is taking over my art.
Yep. Sacred Geometry IS an entity- a Goddess to bow down to. Sacred Geometry existed before time, heck, she might be married to Mr. Time for all I know. (grinning)

So I create art in photoshop, because I love the series of meditation and I love Sacred Geometry. Both require focus.  

Have a blessed day Sweet Friends. 


  1. Great blog I have been enjoying Oprah and Deepak as well as your insight , best yet is I'm a manifesting my dreams and desires and becomeing ones with everything around me ...