Monday, November 17, 2014

Others Happiness-Oprah & Deepak

Original art created just for this blog
By the one and only
Judith Parsons 2014
Today I fly home for my dads funeral. It will be both sad and joyous as I have not seen my family 
for a very long time.
Nothiing surprises me anymore. Anita’s mother says this, and I will adopt it as a part of my thinking. (Waving at Maggie) This meditation seems to be hitting the target on the bullseye,

I created this composition based on Sacred Geometry, my newest and truest love. (grinning) The square represents earth and the circle heaven. I combined them over the word “others’ to convey heaven upon earth.

Both triangles have 3 lines of words in it, representing the Trinity. If you know my work then you know how integral that theme is to me. (smiling). I used the 3 main primary colors to represent LIFE. 

We are all connected. 

As Professor Mark A Reynolds ( always says; “We ALL have a belly button, we really ALL are one!” (waving)

Perhaps one day soon - it will be illegal to fight and make weapons. Perhaps fighting will become purely a computer game with the only blood shed is the red pixels in a game.

This 3am blog is for me. All of them really are. I wonder why in God’s green earth anyone would read my rambling words.

Life is reflecting into an infinite mirror. The lessons of love are immense. (gulping) I wish I had learned this meditation at a younger age. I feel I will forever apologize for the way I lived and loved. I hurt others deeply, and now I am super sensitive to the awareness that ALL hearts are fragile thin glass.

I am learning welding and become more proficient with time. Should we build metal cages to protect our hearts? Hmmmm.

I will leave that question with you. I must get ready to leave San Francisco- to fly home- to hug and hold my family. I am blessed to have been born into this wild crazy loud insane family. Yep- we are just as dysfunctional and  wonderful as your family.

We all seem to know todays meditation:”The happiness of others is my own happiness.”

Always shine, smile, sing and SOAR. When I am flying above the clouds I will be thinking of you.

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