Saturday, November 1, 2014

Powerful Spiral

Original Art work by Judith Parsons Art 2014
The spiral is a glorious shape. It is power uncoiling. It is the spring that is about to be sprung. It is the dance the seedling does as it breaks from the soil. It is becoming.

Everything vibrates in energy, everything is changing and growing.

The labels we place upon events, is a choice. The box we place around something can be made of transparent glass, or wood or chicken wire.

What ever we place around something is cropping and editing it. We decide how we want to think, how we label everything.

Life is art. 

We sculpt everyday with our minds.
We decide what medium we create in.

Is it a  soft clay- that doesn’t burn?
Do we create using something that is fun and easy?

Do we challenge ourselves and use metal?
It is hot and dirty and exhilarating!
I could have used the word “scary”…(THAT is what I am talking about. The editing, the cropping or placing boundaries. Chose words that uplift)

Why have labels, why have boundaries? Mainly for a reference point, I suppose.

We like to look at something and have it connect to us.


The power of boundaries. To have them or not?

What ever you decide to do, do it and OWN it. Take responsibility for who you are.

You CAN say “no”. 

You do not have to take negative behavior. You are a King/Queen. You deserve to be treated like one. I expect no less.

You want to soar?
Then lift that beautiful face toward heaven, unfurl those wings…and let us soar and catch the swirling air currents above the clouds.

Life is one amazing powerful spiral!

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