Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Ina

Eagle photo by Robert Hendry 2014
Composition by crazy wild Judy
Between asleep and awake I hear the thought: “Make Ina a birthday chair bow.” I blink awake and think-Mom?

Sure enough at 5am- my mom is whispering to me to use the paper I brought with me—I wasn’t sure why I was carrying it around- for a week…but then I knew. It was for Ina.

Today is Ina Thompson Hendry’s birthday. Her age is endless- to me she is the little tree climbing wild teen that lived across the street. She has a heart of gold and always comes to my rescue. (Waving at Ina)

She is my “Remembering warrior angel” Picture a tall woman with sword in one hand- wings upon her back and a mischievous smile. She has a sparkle in her eye- and she is ready to do something that might be considered “wild”…I won’t reveal any more than that. 
(We all need great stories to tell our grand children) Grinning!

The art I created is the photo booth photos we did yesterday after we saw a movie. That will be about as close as you will ever get of getting silly photos of me. Enjoy them- it will probably be another 30 years before more photos are taken.

The eagle photograph was taken by Robert Hendry. The man is an INCREDIBLE photographer…he trudges through the marshes and has extreme patience- taking photos of all sorts of birds. The eagle represents “Grand father spirit” — or God. 

I came home for my father’s funeral. It meant the world to me that Ina came into town to comfort me. (Hugging you Ina) Then I came to her home in Charleston to hang out for a few days. She has a fabulous luxurious home. 

The paper bow is silly…My mom put ribbon on our chair growing up. It was a family tradition. It was a great feeling to be the chosen one- just for that day. Ina, mom awakened me- with that thought- get up- put a bow on her chair. She is with you all the time!

I might not have all the dots connected about where I will live…or what I will be doing my Sweet friend- but I do know- We will ALWAYS be connected!! My best tree climbing wild “Remembering warrior angel” friend.

I love you hon!

We are all more connected than we know!

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self.” ― 

Bhagavad Gita (this quote I picked up from the 21 day meditation series)

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