Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weaving magical art

Photograph by: Robert Hendry 2014
Composition and design by Judith Parsons Art 2014
 Todays ramblings brought to you by the spider.  The magnificent photo was taken by Nature photographer Robert Hendry. (Message me or Ina Hendry and we can discuss pricing) 

I took his spider photo and created this. I am into sacred geometry these days, so it is influencing my graphic design work.

Thank you Robert for taking such incredible photos! I look forward to creating sacred geometry art with your photos.

We are all woven into one another. As we weave our art and poems and live our best lives we chris cross and over lap energies of love and light.

We are weaving safety nets underneath us, so that we may unfurl our wings and fly. If we don’t first succeed, we continue trying and continue flying. We are all connected, we need to weave love and light and support one another.

Ask and it shall be given. Weave with what is given, create your world and be proud of it. Stand straight and tall, be proud of who you are becoming… in the light!

According to Jamie Sams and David Carson the Spider is the ultimate weaver, the first to create an alphabet, the angles of her web the earliest letters. The spider wove the dream of the world into existence.She is also the symbol “for infinite possibilities of creation.”
The spider tells us to create and keep creating. The spider might also be telling us we are becoming to entangled into a web of illusions. By weaving our own words and creating our own 
art we need not fear the web of fear.

Medicine Cards- by Jamie Sams and David Carson

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