Monday, November 10, 2014

Bronze wings...Soaring

Bronze wings- 12 inches tall-
Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2014
I am designing the metal that will mount these to the wall. It is a full circle moment as I am using my welding skills to create what will support the wings.

I will take more photos when I have the support made. We all need support. It is a lonely world out there when we go it alone. I wish for all of you support. A family member or a friend that can lend a hand. Someone to call- when you are at your wits end.

I have a vague idea what I will build. The wings were originally designed around a small clay female bodice. The clay was too fragile for the heavy bronze. 

Think about that for a moment. THAT in and of itself is a HUGE lesson! Sometimes our wings are heavy, there are burdens which we try to carry, and yet…we can’t. We HAVE to let them go...give them to God.

THUS, these wings will have the negative space below the curves where the shoulders would have been. We need both the dark -in order to have the light. We must endure the negative which is the other side of positive.

(sighing) Art reflects life. Life reflects art.

If anybody is interested in purchasing these wings- please email me at
Thank you. Always soaring beside you. 

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