Monday, November 10, 2014

Oprah-Deepak: The Art of Awareness

Original art by Judith Parsons
I worked with the eye last night—I started with the eye of the needle illustration, then I placed it inside of the eye shape. Then I went to bed.

The moon spoke to me, I wrote poetry, then up early to be inspired by Oprah and Deepak. 

It might be hard to see the words, “Ultimate Artist”. However it is there. We are all artists, as my daughter would say- we ourselves are art. Our bodies are art. Our life is art.

Then I listened to Oprah and Deepak and grinned and KNEW todays art was meant to be.
As an artist- We create because we can’t help it.... It is impossible for a true artist NOT be who they are.

Once you take off the blind fold, or blinkers (for you UK readers)—one can not look back.

I am loving every single word of this meditation!! I am inspired!! I am zinging with sculpture ideas!!

THank you Oprah and Deepak, I look forward to working beside you with clay—-letting you create art one day!! I can imagine us laughing as we let the art come to life.

Keep soaring -shining- and smiling!! Love you all!
Heading to sculpt!!! God I love learning!

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  1. Wow! Amazing art, it comes to life and light through conscious desire to create and it's lovely ! I love it!