Saturday, November 15, 2014

Manifesting Oprah and Deepak

Original one of a kind art.
Created by a one of a kind artist. Judith Parsons 2014.
Manifesting From Your True Self. Today’s topic in Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day meditation series!!

I created this graphic inspired by Oprah and Deepak. I am an artist. So my true self would be about art. Everything I do- see- affect and effects my art.

If you are a writer and words are your medium then everything you perceive acts as fodder for your writing.

All knowledge builds upon knowledge. That is cognitive development. Life is one huge lesson to find your true self.

True self- highest self- smartest self- most aware self. Most creative self.

For my son, who is an aerospace engineer his truest self will involve designing new flying and transporting machines. As he follows his passion for his best invention he will discover his truest self.

For my writer friends, you all look for words which reflect YOUR truest self. Look in the mirror -what words would you use to portray yourself? Serene, divine, full of peace? Mysterious?Energetic, bouncing about like Tigger? Letting the wind blow you about like a seed? Determined. grounded and rooted into mother earth? What words REALLY are you?

We are all upon the same journey. Whether we swim, fly or walk eventually we all end up at the same place.

Sit and rest beside me, under this tree of life…and tell me who you are. We will share some bread and cheese and rest together. Enjoying the journey as we discover ourselves.

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