Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One window--2 perspectives

I saw the moon and thought— Oh what a glorious photograph!! I then tried to capture the moon and the magnificent triangular building- both in one photograph. It was not to be done. I could, and I did take a panoramic view photograph..but it was not as true.

Then, as I sat on the ledge of my window sill. I thought (sighing) how true art reflects lift and life reflects art. I was gifted by God THIS perspective.

What window we choose to view life- IS what life is. This is a prime example! The moon sits in the right photograph- she is bright and brilliant and magnificent. In the left photograph there is a glorious building which personifies San Francisco, we all know it. Yet, it doesn’t have the wild howling moon in it.

Each view is magnificent. Each perspective is glorious. Each is on its own an EXQUISITE each. (grinning)

It is how we crop life. How do we edit ourselves? How do we tell our stories?

Yep, it is simple as choice. How do we view our experiences? How do we box them up- in our cognitive wrapping to convey and gift them to friends? How? Do you make them dramatic? I have a girl friend in Ireland (waving) and she says it is “normal” to exaggerate to tell a good story. She shrugs it off as something natural.

I have a sister who is a stickler for details, she will argue her perspective-as she “saw” it…because, well- we should all see LIFE through her eyes.

(smiling sigh) 

I will tell you what I see, from my perspective. There is a fire escape out side my window. To me, it is the stairway upward, toward heaven. I believe in STAIRS!! I love the symbolization of them!! I see the building upon the left and moon upon the right and I want to climb the stairs toward the moon. 

The beautiful moon has always called to me, cried out to me. She aches and yearns for me. As we both see one another clearly. ALL my girl friends KNOW how I howl at the moon. ALL my girl friends KNOW I see them on full moon nights. We share the silvery blue light from heaven. We smile standing in the imaginary moonlight, beside the warm waters at the beach and we ALL lift our faces to the moon and howl.

Then we bust out in laughter and hug a glorious massive group hug. We become wild warriors for the night. We live next to the beach. We support one another and grow stronger and better every year. We are a house hold of magnificent women who understand the wildness of our souls, we are compassionate CRAZY WILD women…

Just rambling words from one woman's with 2 perspectives.

Soaring in the moonlight…Howling with love!

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