Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oprah & Deepak--LeAnn and Helen---Unbounded Awareness

Original art inspired by Oprah and Deepak
Sacred Geometry and bronze wings
Art by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Todays blog brought to you by my sister, my graduate advisor and the meditation series. Seeing is such a multi-faceted diamond.

My sister Helen and I often have deep conversations about religion. As we have grown our discussions have grown as well. Our understanding of one another and our compassion has developed into mutual respect.

We have come full circle. Comforting one another as we see ourselves in our children. The way we have treated our children, the way we have loved our parents is a mirror reflecting itself over and over again.

My children see how I am with dad, they see how I call him and try to be apart of his life. They call me and model the behavior. Over the years it is learned. I suppose they will treat their children the way I have treated them. Perhaps Margaret and David have learned from their friends parents how they do a better job at parenting. And for that I am thankful. Thanking all you friends who have loved my children -like your own!! (hugging you-smiling)

However, we ALL come to that day of “reflection” …The mirror reflecting the mirror sort of “seeing”. 

I just got off the telephone with my advisor and she was so happy to have her glasses back. (Waving) For the longest time she felt the weight of “not seeing”, she was straining so hard to see- what she knew was out there that she gave herself a headache. (smiling) We laughed at how crazy the whole “seeing” ability experience.

As an artist it is CRUCIAL- we see everything from every perspective. When we start seeing the light and shadow—we gasp in awe of it. THIS seeing—this “knowing” LIVES upon another realm. It is a “higher” seeing an “UNBOUNDED AWARENESS”…

Today’s meditation from Oprah and Deepak is about “Unbounded awareness”. It is a place of knowing, a place of understanding that is beyond judgement. It is a place where words need not be spoken. It is “Enlightenment”.

Thank you Helen, Lean and Oprah & Deepak for your incredible lessons of seeing!! Each of you have blessed me with lessons on “seeing”.

Soaring beside you all!!
Life in pretty darn incredible!!!

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