Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deepak, Oprah and God's Eye.

Original photo and art created by
Judith Parsons Art 2014
If you know me, you know the saying: “Let the spirit move you.” Well last night was that sort of night. The spirit whispered to me in the middle of the night- the window…Look at that shape..the way the cloth drapes, there are 2 layers. Then look at the symbolic ladder, the 2 railing and the third thicker line going upward.

The Trinity. The steps, the ladder- the eye shape…all this is “The Eye of God.”

In the middle of the night I took photographs of that shape. Nope, I wasn’t drinking. The spirit was with me- and I was compelled to take those photos.

I would awaken every few hours. Look at the window- how the light flowed in. It was a peaceful serene feeling.

I took the photo then went back to sleep.

When I awakened this morning I knew exactly how I wanted to portray this window- this eye. No pupil in the center- just lines on the diagonal. The power of the diagonal is incredible. I laugh because an old life saving technique is about the diagonal. 

If you find yourself swimming to shore and you are tiring. You are not moving closer to the shore, then swim diagonally toward the shore. Eventually you will make it back to land. To dry footing.
THAT sort of tid-bit came out of no-where. It is the muse who whispers with her lips next to my ear. It is God. It is life. We just flow.

Back to the image: I took the circle and overlapped it. The Vesica Piscis is the over lapping of two circles, it is the eye shape.

In my middle of the night - in this dark room, “God’s eye”  was the window. There was light outside of this dark walled in space. Even in the darkest time- there is reflective light.

The ladder and stairs are ever present. I find it adorable that I would have a fire escape outside my window. (smiling) I love everything about this life! The way everything aligns and over laps and how connected we all are.

The fluidity of life, of trusting in the "knowing" is what Oprah and Deepak's maditation was about today. I am in awe of life. Last night I took a glass class and was blessed with a God moment. We are ALL incredible lights- all pulsing in God's Eye...We are ALL God's eye!

This is rambling, plain ole rambling…I have no points. All soft curves. 

Have a blessed day sweet friends. 

I wish for the Spirit to move you! 

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  1. And the spirit did move me.. The spirit in you! I enjoy your insight and your rambling but most of just your presence in everything I'm so aware of you and myself this brought me to tears I'm in love with your words!