Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pure Potentiality! Inspired by Oprah and Deepak

Original Art and photograph by Judith Parsons Art 2014
I just listened to Oprah and Deepak. Today was about letting go of the things that you want-so that the universe can manifest it into your life.  I want ALOT. (grinning) 

I used to steam roll my way into people’s lives. If you know the younger me—then you know the ricochet off the wall woman that I was. If you know me now…Then you know I have mellowed with age. (grinning-waving)

You might have heard the saying: “What you resist persist.” It is true. It does. It stays in the back of your mind. Until you truly surrender.

I understand now--That divine serenity is how things flow...that the river will flow easily--peacefully quietly...The river when it is in "rapid" mode-only tears down walls...I understand that now.

I surrender ALL now...I lay all the energy -- all the want-- all the ache-and yearning passion--I lay it upon the white thick terry cloth towel of my soul…

It was a glorious meditation...right after I meditated--I took this photograph from my San Francisco window. It was a beautiful sunrise!!!

I felt the highest me--the me with wings place her hands upon my hands..It truly was a "A-w-w-w-w-esome moment" I felt my self give myself a hug hug...she -(me) loved me...

When Deepak said, "See the release"...I had my hands over my belly--and I could see myself standing..I was outside of my body looking at me--the cool thing was the light from my center--from my middle- it radiated outward--like a north-south-east-west compass..the shafts of light came from my center...

It was a gorgeous moment of art...Sighing..smiling-I am shining now--I  am happy now…

Everything is pure potentiality!!

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