Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Experimenting with energy art

I was drawing in photoshop...Not sure this has
anything to do with todays blog.
Original art by Judith Parsons 2015
I awakened to drizzly rain. A RARE happening here in San Francisco. I was thrilled for the world, we DO have seasons in CA. Mostly dry then a wee bit of wet. Thats it. Last year —I am not sure we even had a wet season. 

So I had soup for breakfast to celebrate. I had prepared meat and onions/mushrooms a day ago with pesto upon the meat, which left a glorious stock for soup. It is also RARE that I cook. However, when I do…I REALLY cook. I will not go into all the cooking details today, but suffice it to say—THIS woman knows her way around the kitchen. (Waving at all my foodie friends.)

The point of this story is this; I used one of my grandmother’s soup spoons today. My sister was nice enough to send me a few pieces of cutlery that has been in the family.

I spent ALOT of time at my grandmas when I was a little toddler. Her telephone number I can still remember, 2323-679. I can remember standing upon a chair so I could dial her one early Sunday morning. I am not sure if we had a lesson in school, to why or even -how- I knew at such a young age how to ring my Grandmom's telephone number…but I did. And I can still remember her joyous surprised voice at my call. 

So here I am this morning, holding the spoon I held 50 years ago. YES, I am that old. (Art keeps you young.) (grinning) And seeing my grandmother with that energy. Do things hold energy? With an astounding unequivocal — YES! Things hold energy!!

We all hold so much energy—it binds itself to things that we use. Day in and day out, the songs we sing reverberate into the objects we use. The tools of the artist or the spoons we eat with. LIFE is pretty darn amazing!

(sighing- smiling…pulling you into my arms for a huge swirling swaying hug) I love you.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Door

Face...The Door
Original art by Judith Parsons 2015
Face...the door...

As much as I’d like to think I can unfurl my wings and fly higher than this world. There are days when I am bound to this earth. The past few days were rough. I don’t handle bad news well, especially when it is about a Love that I care deeply about.

I asked you to pray and you supported me. You were all on board, asking the angels to assist with healing. (Pulling you into my arms for a huge hug) Thank you so much. (sighing and squeezing you tight)

The art is made from the door that is in the Fairy Glen park. It is a gorgeous door. It took an artist many moons of cutting away the wood to create the shape of the tree. Lots of work went into that door.

When I am not centered in energy. I can not make art. 

As much as I would like to choose to get out of bed and rush into my school. When I am dealing with a huge stone in my belly —there is no way to move. I can not walk through that door.

Last night, a friend connected and explained some medical procedures that took the stone from my belly. I called my friend and was over joyed with the gargantuan news. (smiling sigh)

The past 4 days has taught me much about love. LOVE full force…NOW! Love as many luvs as you can…because you just never ever know when they will be gone.
Pick up that telephone and call that someone you think of everyday. Just do it. Tell them the past is the past…and maybe what I was in the past wasn’t good enough…but dang it…I am standing here now wanting to be a friend…and I will always love you.

Just walk though that door to your heart.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Magic...a change in consciousness.

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2015
Snake- Butterfly

The butterfly snake.

Both mean transformation. We were all brought up on the beauty of the butterfly. Elementary stages taught, if one was lucky enough to be raised in CA then you got to she the monarch hatch from its cocoon. (Waving at Dave and Margaret)

The snake, from Jamie Sams and David Carson’s book: Medicine Cards is also the symbol for transmutation. According to Sams and Carson the snake is the “ transmutation of the life-death-rebirth cycle and is exemplified by the shedding of Snake’s skin. It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, and that those things which might be experienced as poison can be eaten, ingested, integrated and transmuted if one has the proper state of mind.”

They also discuss the symbology of two snakes intertwined around the sword to represent healing. There is need to transmute so that wholeness can be achieved. 

“This is heavy magic, but remember, magic is no more than a change in consciousness.”

Please look up the reading on the snake. Just sit with it. 

We have all been bitten by life. We can learn from the snake, we can shed the old and begin again. Life is constantly changing, evolving. I believe in magic, in prayer …in healing.

We are both the snake that lays coiled up in the sun and the butterfly that flits about. (Sighing) 
I love you.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Put your heart to rest

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2015
Thank you Anita Boyle for an incredible summer!

I created this graphic after watching the movie “Eight Below”. This line: “Find that one thing that finally puts your heart to rest,” comes from the movie. The photo was taken at the Fairy Glen park in Ireland. The door is a huge seven foot giant structure!.  A glorious time, with a glorious person, at a glorious park.

Anita has that incredible ability to ground and heal me. Maybe it is because she is a Reiki master and understands energy. Maybe it is because she understands me, that I never stop flying and she is the tree upon which I can rest. The place I can nest and recharge my energy. Her roots go deep into the center of the earth and she have braved many personal storms. I love the tree spirit she possesses. Her arms  reach toward heaven and lift me up. I have a glorious perspective from way up here.

I don’t want summer to be over. It was great visiting Ireland and playing in the garden. Mud is amazing! (grinning) Spring and summer give us hope. The sprouting of new buds makes me happy! Life burst with potential green dreams. A quote that suits:

“And so with the sunshine and
the great bursts of leaves 
growing on the trees,
just as things grow in fast movies, 
I had that familiar conviction that 
life was beginning over again with the summer.” 
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Before we know it, the frost will be upon the pumpkin. The leaves will change and 
the news will be all about the snow blizzards and people stuck in white outs.

Fall and winter truly is the time to hibernate. It is a time to make pots of tea with honey. It is a time to concoct satisfying hearty stews and soups. Time to find a snuggly cuddly partner and a flickering hearth to keep you warm. I am happy to report I will be seeing my snuggle cuddly Loves over the holidays.

When the sun goes hiding and the green is covered with white- make plans to be with family and the ones you love. Let the warmth of Love be your sunshine. (Hugging you tight) We will get through the winter together.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall flight

Art made especially
for this blog...
by Jp
(Judith Parsons)

When my children were little wee ones, still wanting a bed time story we would read "Little Bear." I loved when he climbed a tree and said to a bird:"I can fly too, just downward."
It has always made me smile. Still does.

There is a serene beauty in the flying of the leaf. To sit and watch the dance of the leaf and the wind. The wind trying to teach the leaf--in one dance how to swirl and twirl about. No pressure wind, you have to make the dance exquisite for one leaf. The leaf knowing, and seeing her other siblings glide gracefully to kiss the earth.

This year, this fall is very melancholy. Perhaps it is because my dad passed last year. (Shaking head) I am not sure. Perhaps the thought of being alone at Thanksgiving is weighting heavy upon me.

Well...enough of this sad talk....I have a glorious mold in plaster to make today! I am heading to the hardware store to get supplies! Wooohoooo! I leave you with my little poem for today.

Journey of flight

We grow 
dancing with the wind

perched perfectly
spring storms of life we tremble
showing our underbelly
holding on

summer lulls
happily shading the children
the stillness of the heat builds
the afternoon showers

the heat

awaiting the fall
the release into flight

knowing it is a one time
only one flight

into your loving lap

Judith Parsons 2015

(Celebrating the leaf…and her journey-to Fall)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plato...divides reality

Art created by yours truly.
2 major categories...2 components of each.
Plato…What an incredible man to dive into. He divided reality into two major categories. The intelligible realm which consisted of forms of truth and beauty as well as mathematical and scientific/geometric forms. The other realm was the visible. It consisted of nature,material objects, animals, humans and artifacts. The other part of the visible realms was the shadow, reflections and images. For example a mirrored image of something drawn upon a black board. 

He and Aristotle were trying to give structure and frame work to the arts. He wanted to censor art. Hard to believe that way back when, he too struggled with the same issue we struggle with. The patrons supporting art didn’t side with his perspective. He basically felt tragic art could damage the young soul.

Though, if we think back to his time with gladiators and slaves. The patrons might have been on to something. If art had been censored, then we would’t have a clear representation of the past.

And even then—-we all know the artist will put his/her slant on the art he creates. Everything slides back down that slippery slope of cognitive development. The stairway to heaven is each persons interpretation of the events he/she has experienced in their life.

Is is an incredible place to be able to stand. Because, as much as we hate to admit it, some of us grow up in such a post traumatic childhood that the suffocating mud traps us, like quick sand or cement drying around one. Generally, if NO one rescues us, if no one steps up to help rescue us…then there is a very good chance that the mud will dry, the cement hardens and one is left scared forever.

It is glorious in life to have decent, compassionate, and loving role models. We need people around us who parent well, people around us who empathize so we can learn that trait.

Empathy is a form of good truth and beauty. It is for me, the highest form of art/life. Plato didn’t want children to see tragic art that shocked them, that changed them before they were ready. These days, with the click of a cursor children can see anything. And I could go on about that for days—there isn’t enough time to dive into that mud puddle of thought.

The mathematical forms and scientific forms are skipped and the materials of animals and human are viewed, children are curious beings. As a mentor, we need to shadow the children and help guide them.

I didn’t mean to get up on my soap box.

Lets gets back to teaching gardening and art … Plato thanks for trying.

I imagine he is looking over his shoulder from realm 5…waving and applauding.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

World without "L" is just a word...

Graphic created by yours truly!
Love you guys!! 
Earlier I wrote a poem inspired by Peter Foster. I could see his words come to life, the words swirling around creating this cartoon figure that was transparent words. The words fog, constant movement— making this animation a body of words which swirled up his body.

While writing the poem, it struck me, how one letter—one little “L” can change the word…from world to word.

A simple thing…yet not so simple. The “L” word. When people think of the “L” word- they automatically think of the word “LOVE”…

So it is a world with out the L…just make it a word. THIS is really deep if you want to keep going. The world with out the L, without the love, is just a word.

Hmmmmm…Maybe we need MORE LOVE.

here is my poem:

You can see the words become 
They lift off of the computer screen
The mind and art combining imagination

The ghost of his words
foggy smoke man
lifting remote
he stands
the tv off
He is transparent gray swirls of words

shuffling his feet
in an in-between world
fly like lightning
across the world
ONE little letter
separates the word from WORLD

just the L word
Love left
Little lights
Laughter lays lies 
literature leaves

Thank you Peter Foster for creating Poetry that come to life

Thank you for the inspiration

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rome 5...5 Days in Rome


This is the 5th blog about Rome. Specifically it is about scale and comparison. When one takes a photograph from a million miles up, it is difficult to truly understand how high up one is. The photographs are taken from St. Peters Basilica. We are standing at the very top of the dome. (see red arrow upon photograph)

We walked up 250 ish steps…or maybe it was 350 steps…One looses count after a while. And we were panting, we stopped along the way- to enjoy the view ---(who am I kidding?--we stopped so we wouldn't faint). Beside we all KNOW it is about the journey, not the destination -right?

The sculpted figured that stand as sentinels around the top of the columns are 30 feet tall. Looking at the photo it is hard to differentiate the size of the sculptures. Everything is Rome is massive in scale. Perhaps the warriors really were giants!

I am in awe. Period.

Still stunned by the amount of art in one place…and the quality of the art…
God knows the Vatican museum is “Heaven Upon Earth”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Growling to-get-her!!!

Riding the creative Lion!!
Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2015
The image I created is loosely based off the book of Kells lion. I added the fish scales, well, because I love water-fish and anything related to swimming. The lion has its mouth open and is growling…or about to eat something or someone.

I am well aware that we are what we think. All thoughts eventually manifest themselves, like bubbles rising from the flute of champagne. And I am aware of my rage and or anger. I know it resides deep in the abysmal dark parts of me, we all have our mothers rage hidden away for extreme times.

I do not need to dip down into the pool of anger—very deep, maybe just skim off a wee bit of energy…to get motivated. 

A friend in Sunday school said she hated herself when she was depressed, because she got nothing done. She sat around crying all day. But when she was angry, all hell would break loose and she got all the laundry done, got the floor mopped and the bathrooms cleaned.

That is the sort of energy the lion drawing gives me. I am gathering the growling energy, pulling the energy in from ALL sources…saving it up so I can consistently do what needs to be done.

Creating art with passion is a huge energy flow. Many of my friends will attest to creating for 3 days straight--then sleeping for 2 days. It is an interesting dance with energy, to create consistently. Perhaps graduate school is really more about learning to ride the lion of passion. To bridle it, put the saddle upon the lions back and hold the whip in one hand and hang on like hell with the other!

All the puzzle pieces to my next sculpture are coming together, the top element has been done in 3 experiments, the middle body part is being spun on a lathe and will suffice as a frame for molding clay around and the dressing is coming together. So many lovely puzzle pieces all coming together.

To-get-her. Ooooooooh how I love that word!!

I think you all understand me, I am not your typical artist, I should have been an architect. However, you “get me”…
May the lion growl just enough so you get the things done that you KNOW you need to get done. Play some tunes, put on YOUR favorite music and dance will manitesting your reality.

Growl every now and again…and laugh..and KNOW we are all in this to-get-her!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Anita Boyle and Judith Parsons In Rome!!
Wooohooooo!! 2 wild women!!!
The Vatican museum was amazing!
 This is the fourth blog about Rome. One truth I know for sure, the first time you experience a NEW cognitive process, it will STAY with you forever.

Rome, is one of those massive mind blowing experiences that makes
e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g pale in comparison. Yep.
American friends, do yourself a favor, go see Rome. Think of the Game of Thrones…if you have to…because you have no reference. THERE isn’t anything so magnificent in America.

The Vatican museum will leave you in awe, with your mouth huge open like a cartoon idiot. The marble sculptures are endless! The Hellenistic wing was amazing—I will figure out a way to present photos that show case them. It blew my mind!

Anita Boyle, (waving) was the wild woman who booked this trip. It was her idea to take me into what I have been studying my whole life. Art history brought to life. Thank you Beloved for the trip, I will never ever forget it! I want to go back and do it over and over again!!

Anita takes photographs like Vivian Myer, she enjoys the shadows. The lines of the columns, the lines of the cobblestones, the textures of the brick. I will write more about the stairs going up into the basilica tomorrow! Whew!

The cobblestone streets and buildings where the giant artist walked…Da Vinci. GOD! It blew my mind. The Last judgement by Michelangelo!! I stood with tears streaming down my face!!
The relics and frescoes were stunning!

You want to experience an unforgettable trip? Go to Rome! Go..see the place where gladiators fought…Just go and be amazed.

Woooohooooooo!!! Life is amazing!!!
As we were walking out...2,000
stood in line. Get there EARLY
to avoid the line!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer soaring!!

Original art created by one of a kind original artist!
Judith Parsons Art 2015
"She was on a voyage toward 
LOVE and 
Profound Transformation.

She found courage amidst the storms
faith in her sails as she left the safety of the harbor
and possibility."

(These words are off a painting in a art shop I walk by. I am not sure of the writer. They have stayed with me. And I created my own art inspired by the mosaics from Rome.)

This summer I faced my fears and did things I never thought I would do. I taught sailing again, I traveled to Rome, I witnessed a magnificent magical wedding and all of these experiences made me young again.

Sailing with young children, teaching them and loving them was how my summer began. I was balancing on the water again, finding God’s breath in my sails and in heaven! I was howling and laughing and singing out upon the water again. 

Then traveling to Ireland and then on to Rome! Gardening and playing in the mud, and planting roses.Thank you Anita for letting me make a mess of your garden! I adore planting and mucking about with the roses!
Then hanging laundry out upon the line with God’s breath playing with the fabric. The golden morning light makes me cry! Oh, the magical silence that wrapped me in a cocoon of possibility!

Rome, Rome, Rome…Oh Dear Lord - the city is amazing!! The hospitality is astounding!  THE ART unforgettable!! The best hotel in the world, The Napoleon, seconds from the metro stop! And the light-oh-me-oh-my, the golden light (sighing) transforms us all into Greek God’s and Goddesses!!!

Then to Monterey where my best friends son, Nick was married to Dianne. I danced!! I had forgotten how nice it is to shake my hips and sashay about the floor! Oh!! I am grinning thinking about it!! I had a blast!! I saw an old friend, that made me feel young again! I met new friends- Monty, Courtney, Dianne, Robbin, Pat and Chris!! And on the train back I met a awesome architect, Michael C. Batori. He is also a soaring spirit!! Maybe—just maybe—that art school WILL be built!!! 

What a glorious summer!! Woooohoooooo!!! I am blessed! LIFE is amazing!! Soaring beside you all!!
Maybe…just maybe we can all plan a trip to Rome…Wouldn’t THAT be amazing?! (grinning)

Love you all!

Friday, September 4, 2015


Photo by Judith Parsons 2015

Graphic Created by Judith Parsons 2015
I should be packing, in two hours I am out the door to head down to Monterey, CA. One of my best friend’s son is getting married on Sunday. And most of my stuff is still in a suitcase from my trip to Rome, so it won’t take too long to sort it out. However, I wanted to post more photos from Rome. And ramble on a bit.

The Vatican- The doors were used to exit funeral processions. The death of Christ is depicted. One has to look upward, the doors must be 50 feet tall. The door asks us to think beyond the crucifixion, I never have contemplated the taking down of the body. It never occurred to me, until  now. 
I was stunned. 

Art that makes us stop in our tracks is magnificent. Art that takes us beyond our everyday thoughts and pulls us upward into the realm of sacred contemplation is what art is suppose to do.

There is incredible art in St. Peter’s basilica. It is a bit overwhelming, walking around with 30 foot sculptures glaring down at you at every corner. It almost numbs the senses, it is art over load. THEN the doors, those incredible doors take you by the shirt collar and lift you up on your tippy toes and say: “Hey- we all die…THINK about it.” Perhaps we need to be reminded of our mortality.


The other image of the angels I created from a photograph I took. I searched for a quote that involved angels and water…this is what I found. I have no idea who Janet Frame is. Perhaps it is time for me to discover her writing.

I connect the dots in life like a pigeon following a trail of crumbs. The trail leads perfectly upward, toward the morning sunrise. I will be with friends from many moons ago. I am blessed to have people who want me to share their forever memories!

Happy Friday sweet Luvs!! She is right—time is an illusion, in my heart I am still 25 years old!

Unfurling my wings—its time for lift off! I better pack now!

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Photograph and Graphic created by Judith Parsons 2015

A stunning day with my
Beloved Anita!
What a glor-reeeee-ous summer! WowWee!!!

I am a swirling dervish of energy ready to take on the world!!

I have seen a small bit of Rome. I have tasted enough to KNOW I could write volumes of books- and create tons of graphics…like this one here. 
Nothing compares to Rome…the masters art is breath taking:
Raphael’s Madonna of Foligno, Oddi Altarpiece and Transfiguration
Leonardo da Vinci’s: St. Jerome in the Wilderness
Caravaggio’s: Entombment
Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel had me in tears. The paintings are so real that the legs of the angels look like they are sculptures!

One had to stand in front of the massive sculptures to grasp the massiveness of them. THEN the mosaics inside the dome. They are huge impressive pieces of art. 

The art must have taken time…TIME. Hey everybody, stop for a second and think about creating something that takes years to create. Try and let that settle upon you. 

Everything today is done is a split second, the instant 3-D printer —the future of art? Puuuulease. Art created by a machine is like a glorified copier. If you wanted a lasting painting or sculpture of your mother, you wouldn’t take a photo and enlarge and copy the photo. 
Real art takes your breath away, it stuns one into a silence. It did me. 

I can not wait to taste more art, to sip it slowly or for you foodies out there—-to marinate in the magnificent masters energy. THEY knew exactly what they were doing. They took their time, they perfected their craft and created a sacred space that all should partake.

Thank you Anita for a glorious holiday!! Wooohooooooo!!! 

I head back to class in a few hours and I am soon jazzed!!! Life is grand!!! Expect miracles!