Friday, September 4, 2015


Photo by Judith Parsons 2015

Graphic Created by Judith Parsons 2015
I should be packing, in two hours I am out the door to head down to Monterey, CA. One of my best friend’s son is getting married on Sunday. And most of my stuff is still in a suitcase from my trip to Rome, so it won’t take too long to sort it out. However, I wanted to post more photos from Rome. And ramble on a bit.

The Vatican- The doors were used to exit funeral processions. The death of Christ is depicted. One has to look upward, the doors must be 50 feet tall. The door asks us to think beyond the crucifixion, I never have contemplated the taking down of the body. It never occurred to me, until  now. 
I was stunned. 

Art that makes us stop in our tracks is magnificent. Art that takes us beyond our everyday thoughts and pulls us upward into the realm of sacred contemplation is what art is suppose to do.

There is incredible art in St. Peter’s basilica. It is a bit overwhelming, walking around with 30 foot sculptures glaring down at you at every corner. It almost numbs the senses, it is art over load. THEN the doors, those incredible doors take you by the shirt collar and lift you up on your tippy toes and say: “Hey- we all die…THINK about it.” Perhaps we need to be reminded of our mortality.


The other image of the angels I created from a photograph I took. I searched for a quote that involved angels and water…this is what I found. I have no idea who Janet Frame is. Perhaps it is time for me to discover her writing.

I connect the dots in life like a pigeon following a trail of crumbs. The trail leads perfectly upward, toward the morning sunrise. I will be with friends from many moons ago. I am blessed to have people who want me to share their forever memories!

Happy Friday sweet Luvs!! She is right—time is an illusion, in my heart I am still 25 years old!

Unfurling my wings—its time for lift off! I better pack now!

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