Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Experimenting with energy art

I was drawing in photoshop...Not sure this has
anything to do with todays blog.
Original art by Judith Parsons 2015
I awakened to drizzly rain. A RARE happening here in San Francisco. I was thrilled for the world, we DO have seasons in CA. Mostly dry then a wee bit of wet. Thats it. Last year —I am not sure we even had a wet season. 

So I had soup for breakfast to celebrate. I had prepared meat and onions/mushrooms a day ago with pesto upon the meat, which left a glorious stock for soup. It is also RARE that I cook. However, when I do…I REALLY cook. I will not go into all the cooking details today, but suffice it to say—THIS woman knows her way around the kitchen. (Waving at all my foodie friends.)

The point of this story is this; I used one of my grandmother’s soup spoons today. My sister was nice enough to send me a few pieces of cutlery that has been in the family.

I spent ALOT of time at my grandmas when I was a little toddler. Her telephone number I can still remember, 2323-679. I can remember standing upon a chair so I could dial her one early Sunday morning. I am not sure if we had a lesson in school, to why or even -how- I knew at such a young age how to ring my Grandmom's telephone number…but I did. And I can still remember her joyous surprised voice at my call. 

So here I am this morning, holding the spoon I held 50 years ago. YES, I am that old. (Art keeps you young.) (grinning) And seeing my grandmother with that energy. Do things hold energy? With an astounding unequivocal — YES! Things hold energy!!

We all hold so much energy—it binds itself to things that we use. Day in and day out, the songs we sing reverberate into the objects we use. The tools of the artist or the spoons we eat with. LIFE is pretty darn amazing!

(sighing- smiling…pulling you into my arms for a huge swirling swaying hug) I love you.

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