Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rome 5...5 Days in Rome


This is the 5th blog about Rome. Specifically it is about scale and comparison. When one takes a photograph from a million miles up, it is difficult to truly understand how high up one is. The photographs are taken from St. Peters Basilica. We are standing at the very top of the dome. (see red arrow upon photograph)

We walked up 250 ish steps…or maybe it was 350 steps…One looses count after a while. And we were panting, we stopped along the way- to enjoy the view ---(who am I kidding?--we stopped so we wouldn't faint). Beside we all KNOW it is about the journey, not the destination -right?

The sculpted figured that stand as sentinels around the top of the columns are 30 feet tall. Looking at the photo it is hard to differentiate the size of the sculptures. Everything is Rome is massive in scale. Perhaps the warriors really were giants!

I am in awe. Period.

Still stunned by the amount of art in one place…and the quality of the art…
God knows the Vatican museum is “Heaven Upon Earth”

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