Sunday, September 20, 2015

World without "L" is just a word...

Graphic created by yours truly!
Love you guys!! 
Earlier I wrote a poem inspired by Peter Foster. I could see his words come to life, the words swirling around creating this cartoon figure that was transparent words. The words fog, constant movement— making this animation a body of words which swirled up his body.

While writing the poem, it struck me, how one letter—one little “L” can change the word…from world to word.

A simple thing…yet not so simple. The “L” word. When people think of the “L” word- they automatically think of the word “LOVE”…

So it is a world with out the L…just make it a word. THIS is really deep if you want to keep going. The world with out the L, without the love, is just a word.

Hmmmmm…Maybe we need MORE LOVE.

here is my poem:

You can see the words become 
They lift off of the computer screen
The mind and art combining imagination

The ghost of his words
foggy smoke man
lifting remote
he stands
the tv off
He is transparent gray swirls of words

shuffling his feet
in an in-between world
fly like lightning
across the world
ONE little letter
separates the word from WORLD

just the L word
Love left
Little lights
Laughter lays lies 
literature leaves

Thank you Peter Foster for creating Poetry that come to life

Thank you for the inspiration

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  1. Lovely writing Jp and touched by your reference to my doodling...Best wishes Peter