Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Growling to-get-her!!!

Riding the creative Lion!!
Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2015
The image I created is loosely based off the book of Kells lion. I added the fish scales, well, because I love water-fish and anything related to swimming. The lion has its mouth open and is growling…or about to eat something or someone.

I am well aware that we are what we think. All thoughts eventually manifest themselves, like bubbles rising from the flute of champagne. And I am aware of my rage and or anger. I know it resides deep in the abysmal dark parts of me, we all have our mothers rage hidden away for extreme times.

I do not need to dip down into the pool of anger—very deep, maybe just skim off a wee bit of energy…to get motivated. 

A friend in Sunday school said she hated herself when she was depressed, because she got nothing done. She sat around crying all day. But when she was angry, all hell would break loose and she got all the laundry done, got the floor mopped and the bathrooms cleaned.

That is the sort of energy the lion drawing gives me. I am gathering the growling energy, pulling the energy in from ALL sources…saving it up so I can consistently do what needs to be done.

Creating art with passion is a huge energy flow. Many of my friends will attest to creating for 3 days straight--then sleeping for 2 days. It is an interesting dance with energy, to create consistently. Perhaps graduate school is really more about learning to ride the lion of passion. To bridle it, put the saddle upon the lions back and hold the whip in one hand and hang on like hell with the other!

All the puzzle pieces to my next sculpture are coming together, the top element has been done in 3 experiments, the middle body part is being spun on a lathe and will suffice as a frame for molding clay around and the dressing is coming together. So many lovely puzzle pieces all coming together.

To-get-her. Ooooooooh how I love that word!!

I think you all understand me, I am not your typical artist, I should have been an architect. However, you “get me”…
May the lion growl just enough so you get the things done that you KNOW you need to get done. Play some tunes, put on YOUR favorite music and dance will manitesting your reality.

Growl every now and again…and laugh..and KNOW we are all in this to-get-her!

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