Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plato...divides reality

Art created by yours truly.
2 major categories...2 components of each.
Plato…What an incredible man to dive into. He divided reality into two major categories. The intelligible realm which consisted of forms of truth and beauty as well as mathematical and scientific/geometric forms. The other realm was the visible. It consisted of nature,material objects, animals, humans and artifacts. The other part of the visible realms was the shadow, reflections and images. For example a mirrored image of something drawn upon a black board. 

He and Aristotle were trying to give structure and frame work to the arts. He wanted to censor art. Hard to believe that way back when, he too struggled with the same issue we struggle with. The patrons supporting art didn’t side with his perspective. He basically felt tragic art could damage the young soul.

Though, if we think back to his time with gladiators and slaves. The patrons might have been on to something. If art had been censored, then we would’t have a clear representation of the past.

And even then—-we all know the artist will put his/her slant on the art he creates. Everything slides back down that slippery slope of cognitive development. The stairway to heaven is each persons interpretation of the events he/she has experienced in their life.

Is is an incredible place to be able to stand. Because, as much as we hate to admit it, some of us grow up in such a post traumatic childhood that the suffocating mud traps us, like quick sand or cement drying around one. Generally, if NO one rescues us, if no one steps up to help rescue us…then there is a very good chance that the mud will dry, the cement hardens and one is left scared forever.

It is glorious in life to have decent, compassionate, and loving role models. We need people around us who parent well, people around us who empathize so we can learn that trait.

Empathy is a form of good truth and beauty. It is for me, the highest form of art/life. Plato didn’t want children to see tragic art that shocked them, that changed them before they were ready. These days, with the click of a cursor children can see anything. And I could go on about that for days—there isn’t enough time to dive into that mud puddle of thought.

The mathematical forms and scientific forms are skipped and the materials of animals and human are viewed, children are curious beings. As a mentor, we need to shadow the children and help guide them.

I didn’t mean to get up on my soap box.

Lets gets back to teaching gardening and art … Plato thanks for trying.

I imagine he is looking over his shoulder from realm 5…waving and applauding.

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