Thursday, September 3, 2015


Photograph and Graphic created by Judith Parsons 2015

A stunning day with my
Beloved Anita!
What a glor-reeeee-ous summer! WowWee!!!

I am a swirling dervish of energy ready to take on the world!!

I have seen a small bit of Rome. I have tasted enough to KNOW I could write volumes of books- and create tons of graphics…like this one here. 
Nothing compares to Rome…the masters art is breath taking:
Raphael’s Madonna of Foligno, Oddi Altarpiece and Transfiguration
Leonardo da Vinci’s: St. Jerome in the Wilderness
Caravaggio’s: Entombment
Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel had me in tears. The paintings are so real that the legs of the angels look like they are sculptures!

One had to stand in front of the massive sculptures to grasp the massiveness of them. THEN the mosaics inside the dome. They are huge impressive pieces of art. 

The art must have taken time…TIME. Hey everybody, stop for a second and think about creating something that takes years to create. Try and let that settle upon you. 

Everything today is done is a split second, the instant 3-D printer —the future of art? Puuuulease. Art created by a machine is like a glorified copier. If you wanted a lasting painting or sculpture of your mother, you wouldn’t take a photo and enlarge and copy the photo. 
Real art takes your breath away, it stuns one into a silence. It did me. 

I can not wait to taste more art, to sip it slowly or for you foodies out there—-to marinate in the magnificent masters energy. THEY knew exactly what they were doing. They took their time, they perfected their craft and created a sacred space that all should partake.

Thank you Anita for a glorious holiday!! Wooohooooooo!!! 

I head back to class in a few hours and I am soon jazzed!!! Life is grand!!! Expect miracles!

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